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Ian Chamberlain works wonders on ‘Too Many Wires’ (Remix)

Musician Ian Chamberlain is back with the very intriguing new instrumental single called ‘Too Many Wires‘ (Remix).

Ian is a composer and musician living and working in Adelaide, Australia. He is inspired by musical genres past and present, mechanical sounds, and the world of nature.

The energy is dark here, moody almost and you imagine a late night out. Suddenly the energy changes and we are catapulted into a bouncy, almost indie back-beat of a song with the occasional sprinkle of a different sound to keep your brain wondering. This is a truly remarkable song from Ian and he navigated all over with so much gusto and experience.

Ian Chamberlain¬†is absolutely on smashing form here on ‘Too Many Wires‘. This remix is one of pure quality and we are treated to a quite marvelous effort from the Australian artist.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen