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NEOS have released their single People

Texas-based band NEOS has released their single ‘People’ infusing their Indie sound through fascinating vocals and smooth instrumentals.

Starting off with the slow pluck on the guitar strings as the vocals begin to come through having this rather deep tone to them with that rough texture, intertwining perfectly with the flow of the instrumentation.

Adding in that tap of the tambourine and beginning to combine the calming tone of the acoustic guitar paired with the electric. The way the instrumentation sounds gives it this real mellow feeling, you feel relaxed as you listen even when everything does tend to heighten and begin to increase in volume.

Sounding similar to artists such as Coldplay, having that mesmerising vocal range that pulls you in straight away whilst having that powerful instrumental that brings the piece to life.

Check out NEOS’ single People by clicking here now.

Review by Karley Myall