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Natalie Duque has released her gracefully minimalist ballad, Silence Hurts More.

With guitars that will make Slowdive fans swoon combined with tender keys and Natalie Duque’s arresting, almost angelic vocals, Silence Hurts More is everything that a contemporary ballad should be.

Silence Hurts More is just one of the singles found on her latest soul-baring 2-track release, Gemini, that carries the candid nature of Adele’s most emotionally exposing singles and a gracefully minimalist instrumental style which gives the poetically introspective lyricism more room to breathe in the soundscape.

The level of talent in the release easily matches the authenticity. We are incredibly grateful to have found Natalie Duque at this blossoming stage of her career. It is going to be incredibly satisfying watching such an accolade-worthy artist ascend.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

LA Americana artist Natalie Duque sings with such sadness on the new single ‘Stay’

Natalie Duque sings with such sadness about a lost family member on the new single ‘Stay‘.

Natalie infuses soulful folk melodies with a pop-infused style, her music is so sad but beautiful at the same time. Her voice is stunning, almost haunting and with such pureness that gets your heart beating so much faster. Her delivery is masterful on this story of not being able to see a loved one for the last time.

Tomorrow is not promised. This is a sad story about how you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. The roads were cold and and it was snowing. She didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and the next day, he didn’t make it. You regret this moment so much but there is nothing you can do now but cherish the memories of his life.

Natalie Duque has that type of voice that makes you stop and listen intently. ‘Stay‘ is about the loved one that sadly passed away and the indie-pop care with this song is quite beautiful from the LA singer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen