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Nancita Kapi

The world music sensation Nancita Kapi put us into motion with her standout single, Let’s Ride

Let’s Ride, taken from the sophomore album Chambre Froide/Black Ice, is a fiery introduction to the singer-songwriter Nancita Kapi. The breaking artist takes soul in her harmonic stride and makes world music resonate as even more global with her multilingual lyrics, pop melodies, afrobeat timbre and nuances of dancehall and RnB.

Her infectious energy, almost spiritually high vibes and sun-soaked beats are an indulgent affirmation that when cultures collide, beautiful things happen. After sharing stages with luminaries, such as YAO, Jamice, Jade, Carimi and Kavanda, we do not doubt that Nancita Kapi will celebrate plenty more highlights in her music career. For dopamine’s sake, get her on your radar.

Let’s Ride is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast