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Movie Monroe – Goddess Girl: The Sincerest Hip Hop Track You’ll Hear This Year

Trailblazing Hip Hop artist Movie Monroe is on fire 2020, we might be living in a time of unpredictable chaos, but at least we can rely on Movie Monroe to drop a transfixingly mesmeric track with each new release.

Goddess Girl is a smooth, blissful production, infused with warm reverb around the solid rattle of the 808s. The instrumentals offer waves of catharsis while Movie Monroe unapologetically brings a potent hit of Romanticism into the mix. I’m not sure if you drink in the lyrics as the track runs through, or the lyrics drink you in through their absorbing wit and the almost tear-inducing sincerity.

Goddess Girl isn’t just a solid track. It’s a solid track with the ability to get under your skin and test your soul’s capacity for feeling.

You can check out movie Monroe’s latest drop by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

movie monroe – when thE suN stoppeD: The Hip Hop Track to Wake Up America

Artist and producer movie monroe has dropped their colossal Alt Hip Hop track when thE suN stoppeD. With doomy, grinding tones behind the Las Vegas-based artist’s insightfully compelling bars, it’s an evocative ride.

If you’re as pissed about the billionaires getting richer while ordinary people are being pushed into poverty more forcibly than ever before, when thE suN stopped is the perfect frustration venting track.

If any Hip Hop track has the power to wake up America to the insidious injustice which seems to be more abhorrent by the day, it’s this bass-driven convictive hit.

movie monroe may have only made their debut in March 2020, but they’re already well on their way to becoming one of the hottest names in Hip Hop. Get him on your radar.

You can checkout when thE suN stopped for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Movie Monroe – Tie Dye: Honest Humble Hip Hop

Movie Monroe is a breakthrough Trap artist that’s taking the scene by storm with his passionate and progressive style which will have you hooked from the first verse. His latest track Tie Dye is a simplistic haunting of truths expelled over his subtle poetic lyrical flow which provides a poignantly resonate experience.

The Las Vegas based Alternative Melo Trap Rap Hip Hop enigma has produced a flawless 9 track album Aura Ultra, Tie Dye is just one of the standout tracks that hits you with hypnotising melodies and inches you closer into developing an affinity with this charismatic trap artist. I’ve often found Trap to be one of the most compelling sub genres of Hip Hop, the way that the attention is not demanded, it’s carefully extradited through evocative feeling and 80’s minimal beats that allow you to breathe throughout the track. It doesn’t pound with grandiosity or mediocrity it’s humanity stripped bare, wounded and raw. Monroe’s whole album is a delectable experience which proves to be the perfect platform to expose his versatile style.

Check out Movie Monroe’s track Tie Die via SoundCloud using the link below:

For more on Movie Monroe check out his website:

Movie Monroe proves to be the ultimate Trap visionary with his latest hit Moneyman

Movie Monroe may just be my favourite emerging R&B artists of 2017, the sounds are lavish, poignant and styled in a way that David Lynch would even come to envy. The sound to Moneyman has been polished to perfection by NEDARB, the beat flows with ubiquitous ease, whatever mood you’re in, this sound has the potential to grab your mood with its individualistic trap styling. Monroe doesn’t demand attention in an obvious way, he puts out his lyrics in an almost shy capacity that allows you to really sink your teeth into what he’s putting out on the sound waves.

The ridiculously catchy song was released just a few weeks ago when the Las Vegas based rapper Moneyman gripped the R&B & Trap audience with a captivating wave of euphoria with its Melo Trap sound. The minimalist beat allows you to become enthralled by the lyrics that are put before you, curtesy of the exponentially talented Movie Monroe.

Monroe certainly doesn’t play by any rule book I’ve ever read when it comes to music. He flows with individualistic style that will soon have you begging for more of his enigmatic sound.

Check out Moneyman on the SoundCloud link below: