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Becky Raisman gazes into those kind eyes on the tender lover’s anthem, ‘Hypnotized’

After keeping it sweet with her much-liked single from 2020 called ‘Summertime Sugar’, Becky Raisman senses that she can tell all her secrets to this genuine human with dazzling eyes that make her open up her deepest stories on the latest single, ‘Hypnotized‘.

Becky Raisman is a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina-based alt-pop solo singer-songwriter who is also a Columbia College Chicago graduate who continues to evolve and hone her sound into something truly her own.

I even recorded at Omnisound studios in Nashville and Charleston sound studios.” ~ Becky Raisman

Thrilling our minds with the picture of two kind hearts connecting in that special way that causes butterflies to frolic so joyously, Becky Raisman fearlessly lets us into her life as she looks to find that all-important contentment than shall set you free forever.

Hypnotized‘ from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina-based alt-pop solo singer-songwriter Becky Raisman, is a loved-up release from a young woman who has stars in her eyes. She sees someone who truly gets her and showers her with those sweet kisses that makes her blush, as she hopes that this will be the start of something rather special.

Life is all about finding that partner who makes you hot under the collar, as you both hold hands without the need to say anything at all.

Hear this charming release on her Spotify and see more news of upcoming releases via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen