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My Honey: Salyse roars delightfully on inspiring debut track ‘Babygirl’

When true role models are so hard to find these days, Salyse shows the ladies that they need to back themselves into following their dreams on ‘Babygirl‘.

Simone Alyse Senibaldi aka Salyse, is an exciting Everett, Boston-born, Motown and Disco-inspired, musical theater-trained indie RnB/Soul singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has a clear vest for life, genuinely kind heart and loves and making that soulful music, which is made with true intentions to help others and intended to make everyone happy no matter what they are going through personally.

Babygirl” is about loving, embracing, and celebrating every part of yourself.” – Salyse

Her voice reach far into your mind, as she takes you to a place that you have needed to be for a while. The world is a harsh place, with so much unnecessary hatred and divisiveness — but in-between those dingy alleys — there is a way to stay happy and this song represents that. Being kind to yourself and trying to be better each day — no matter your flaws — is the only path you need to take, to find that true road of enlightenment.

Babygirl‘ from the fast-emerging Atlanta singer-songwriter and wonderfully artistic creative Salyse, leads us into this sweet story about knowing what you what, being true to yourself and going for your goals, no matter how hard they seem currently. This is the type of message that needs to be heard far and wide, as it is awe-inspiring and brings you a warm feeling inside.

Hear the lovely audio on YouTube and follow her social moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bluebass brings the feel-good factor with their funk-riddled track, ‘Never Give Up on Your Dreams’

Blackpool-based singer-songwriter and producer Bluebass fed the influence of his hometown into his latest feel-good track, ‘Never Give Up on Your Dreams’. Blackpool isn’t all illuminations and rabid hen parties; it also has an ever-lasting tie to the Northern Soul and Jazz Funk scene which rose from the town’s working-class roots.

With their latest release, Bluebass embraced the old school before contorting familiar grooves into catchy contemporary rhythms that would go down a storm on a dancefloor. Their upraising mix of RnB, pop, funk and soul pulls together to offer all of the aural euphoria that you could ask for.

Never Give Up on Your Dreams is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

About ‘Last Night’ – Beatnik drop us some deep cut soulful grooves.

There’s an immediate familiarity around Beatnik to anyone who’s ever whiled away their entire teenage school holidays playing the old coin-op road-race game ‘OutRun’ over and over, or spent, say, 29 hours straight watching 70’s cop-show re-runs on Paramount. Not that we’ve done either, of course. Heaven forbid. But it’s exactly that sort of jazzy, funky, 70’s disco-tinged soulful chill that leaps out of the speakers when hitting ‘play’ on ‘Last Night’; a deep-groove old-school funk-pop dance track, all wandering bass, off-beat drum fills, syncopated Nile Rodgers-style guitar chords, Rhodes piano, and stabs of perfect, jazzy brass, all underlying keyboard/vocalist Peter LaBarge’s awesome soulful vocal delivery.

It’s an absolute killer of a track, a bouncy, beach-and-palm-tree infused love letter to South Florida wrapped up in Acid Jazz Brand New Heavies Chic-meets-Jamiroquai catchiness; we’ve been humming the chorus refrain from ‘Last Night’ all day since first listening to the track, and – given the amount of music we get to review – there doesn’t get much higher praise than that.

‘Last Night’ is taken from Beatnik’s ‘Night Shift’ EP, due for release on April 1st. You can pre-save ‘Night Shift’ through BandCamp now, listen to ‘Last Night’ on Spotify, and follow Beatnik on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Enjoy a perfect morning with Mo Safren and his Motown Pop ballad ‘Bagels and Coffee’

With vocals as evocative as Tom Odell’s and a charisma which captivates you just as much as his artfully powerful sound, it’s impossible to imagine a dull future for US singer-songwriter and performer, Mo Safren.

The perfect introduction to their constraint-less sound is ‘Bagels and Coffee’; the soulfully slick piano pop ballad carries all of the accessibility of a mainstream pop track and all of the improvised unpredictability of jazz. Attempting to affix genres to this powerfully progressive single would be an act of futility, but you will be able to note Safren’s dynamic array of influences which includes everyone from Chopin to Sinatra.

Bagels and Coffee is one of those phenomenally rare singles which you feel like you could listen to a thousand times and still not have picked out the beauty in every subversive curveball.

The official music video to Bagels and Coffee is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Babybrutha gave us a guide to aural salvation in their funk-driven soul-rock track ‘Black Vinyl’

Aural salvation-seekers with a penchant for funk-driven soul-rock will definitely want to delve into the latest release ‘Black Vinyl’, by Chicago-based fourpiece, Babybrutha.

Black Vinyl exhibits Babybrutha not just as dexterous artists, but as eccentric alchemists of soul-stroking high vibes; you’ll feel existentially lighter before the chorus hits. With Hendrix-style solos, vocals from Tim Lee which prove that his soul could sate the grim reaper for a decade and deep Motown grooves, it’s impossible to entertain any notion of apathy when the track is running through.

You can check out the official video to Black Vinyl by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sir Jeremy Green – on a deep, soulful Motown ‘Cruise’

If Marvin Gaye hadn’t fatally intervened in his parents’ argument in 1984 and had, instead, continued making music, it might have sounded very much like Sir Jeremy Green on new single ‘Cruise’, a deep, classy nu-soul cut that simply oozes with class.

Mixing up a little of the retro, sexual, sensual ‘70’s Motown vibe with a modern take and a little bit of 90’s Brand New Heavies, a little jazzy funk, and just enough old-skool hip hop beat to add some groove, ‘Cruise’ is an absolute dope stunner of a track, Green’s rich, smooth vocal perfect over the top of a full-on retro track, all movie-soundtrack (like the accompanying official video), Rodgers-style funk off-beat guitar and Rhodes-style electric piano stabs. And then there’s that bassline, before the track resolves to drop into grooving-yet-chilled middle eight and breakdown.

‘Cruise’ is the first single from Green’s new EP; if the rest is as good as this, 2021 is going to be a VERY good year for Sir Jeremy Green.

See the awesome video for ‘Cruise’ on YouTube. Follow Sir Jeremy Green on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Joesix’s ‘Beauty Queen’ – funky uplifting soulful Hip Hop at its best

At 31, UK-based artist Joesix is already a pretty established name on the North East hip hop scene; now back with his latest single ‘Beauty Queen’, Joe’s mixing up old-school soul, Motown, and funk with R&B and Hip Hop to produce a single that crosses artificial boundaries and give us something with true dance credentials.

Upbeat, funky, soulful, and exciting, ‘Beauty Queen’ blends Nile Rodgers-style funk guitar with Motown Hammond organ parts and a proper, early hip hop scene rapped vocal that’s reminiscent of Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash, and the Furious Five. That said, it’s a fiendishly modern track, all the while nodding back to its roots in 80’s breakdance and Hip Hop; handclaps, gated kick drum and snare, and genuine flow. You can easily imagine ‘Beauty Queen’ on prime time Eighties Top Of The Pops just as smoothly as you can at Jazz Café or Concrete; it’s groovy, it’s timeless, it’s got style and class, and it’s insanely danceable.

Check out ‘Beauty Queen’ on Spotify, and follow Joesix on Facebook or Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Ashley James takes us back to the 70s with their Pop ballad “Take Your Time”

Ashley James

Ashley James may not be a well-known name (yet), but any fans of 00’s Indie Rock should be familiar with their previous outfit Likely Lads who received rapturous acclaim for their brutally honest lyrical style.

Now, Ashley James has gone solo, and we’re seeing a more soulful side to the artist’s multifaceted talents. With a touch of aural nostalgia and lashings of laceratingly raw emotion, their debut single “Take Your Time” was born.

The 70s-inspired Pop ballad is sure to be a hit with any fans of Rod Stewart and Elton John or any Pop fans who are looking to lock into sincerity, pitch-perfect harmony, and melodic alchemy.

You can check out the official video to  Take Your Time via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jerry Impini – Good Time Woman: A Feel-Good Alt Country Playlist Essential

Alt-Country artist Jerry Impini released their latest single Good Time Woman on February 3rd, 2020 and placed a rhythmically accordant Jazz-infused earworm on the airwaves.

The single fuses a myriad of tonally-warm, timelessly-accessible genres together allowing Good Time Woman to resonate like nothing you’ve ever heard before. You’ll find everything from Soul, to Motown, to Folk Blues, to Jazz and Funk in Good Time Woman. Naturally, it’s an organic feel-good hit which won’t fail to leave you enamoured.

The vibrant popping melodies work in perfect synergy with Jerry Impini’s harmonically resonant vocals, making Good Time Woman the perfect aural pick me up to have on your playlists!

You can check out Jerry Impini’s latest single via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Good Dudes – Ready for It: An Alchemic Blend of Pop-Rock & Motown

US-based breaking artist The Good Dudes made their Alt-Rock debut with the groove-infused rhythmically arrestive single “Ready for It”. With choir harmonies, up-vibe Jangle Pop guitar, and the whiskey-soaked Bluesy vocals, it’s all but impossible not to get hooked into this sticky-sweet serving of stylised Pop-Rock.

There’s no denying that with their first single the Good Dudes’ unique fusion of Pop-Rock and Motown made for a radio-ready hit. Ready for It boasts plenty of contemporary appeal along with that indulgently warm vintage nostalgia that always makes you feel right at home in a track.

The ability to carve out hooks which share plenty of reminiscences with B.B. King isn’t something you expect from an emerging artist in 2019, but we’re more than here for it.

You can check out Ready for It for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast