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Trevor Cooke doesn’t care what the haters say as he is ‘Doing Well’

Letting his smile shine no matter what others might talk about, Trevor Cooke sends our moods into a happy overdrive that you can’t forget with ‘Doing Well‘.

Trevor Cooke is a Morgantown, West Virginia-based indie-pop rapper/singer-songwriter who has made music with fellow creatives from Boston to Korea.

19 years old and currently studying at WVU, Trevor Cooke sends our frowns away for a few hours with a simply joyous experience. He sings about the good times that have risen from the darkness and lead us exactly where we should be headed in life.

Doing Well‘ from Morgantown, West Virginia-based indie-pop rapper/singer-songwriter Trevor Cooke is one of the more positive songs possible in 2022. This is a young man who has decided that he will smartly brush off any doubters, as he is only interested in things that will keep his mood light. Sung and rapped with a pure blend of good vibes only, this is a track to clench with tightly when you want to show that you are doing more than okay..

When the tide is on your side, it’s best to keep swimming as long as you can.

Listen up to this merry journey on Spotify and see his life unfold on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen