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MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni roll the tight bars just right on ‘ISSCALM’

Dropped from the 7-track project named ‘Many Moons‘, MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni spark up the style in a way that has you feeling like everything is going to be alright again on ‘ISSCALM‘.

Baltimore, Maryland-born Hip hop artist MJ the Sensei is joined by Tennessee-born music producer/artist Monsieur Jovoni who link up splendidly on this Shonan, Japan-based release.

MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni are quite excellent on a track that takes your mind into a better place from all the vicious distractions that are waiting for you outside if you let it consume your mind from what is real and what isn’t.

The eloquent production that is intertwined inside is flawless and has your head nodding around so smoothly, with bars that reflect greatness and gets you into the mood to achieve those goals which you have closed the door on for too long.

ISSCALM‘ from Shonan, Japan-based MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni, shreds through a layer of doubt and brings only a flavour that tastes so majestic. These two seriously skilled artists join as one team to make a real gem on a track here that has you feeling so laidback and calm after a long day. The old school beat reminds us of the good days when there was less madness and only good music everywhere, just the way it should be.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen