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Travel The Galaxy: New Jersey rapper Malik Pollux plants the greens on ‘Money Trees’ (Prod. by Janesh)

As he carefully waters the roots so that they shall grow healthily for many generations to come, Malik Pollux shows us his improving skills on this fresh new cut called ‘Money Trees(Prod. by Janesh).

Malik Pollux is an emerging Hip hop artist from Plainfield, New Jersey. This is a young rapper with a smart head on his shoulders  — who makes that likable kind of music that is easy on the ear — and shows us his charismatic flow which never goes overboard, or turns unnecessarily braggadocios.

This is the story about thinking further than today, as you build up different streams of income that are going to benefit you and your family. In a world that is so short sighted with blinkers on sometimes — this is a welcome mentality and shows his enlightenment to what is really important — far away from the tempting cash-quick game, that mostly ends with blue lights and tears.

Money Trees(Prod. by Janesh) from New Jersey artist Malik Pollux, waters up our curious minds with smart ideas on how to cultivate our own grow. Sowing that long term plan into the ground is the mentality of this quality song, that gets you thinking about how you are working your own paper.

Stream this freshly made video on YouTube and find out more about this emerging artist via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rich Mello & PlayaWon’s Release ‘Money Trees’ Has Hypnotic Quality To It

One of the staples of classic rap is how grounded the main vocal lines are. Hip hop came from the streets and the people who rose from them never lost their very human qualities no matter what angst, empowerment or other themes they were putting forth. With the advent of auto-tuning and the ever-growing number of hip hop subgenres, many crave the simplicity of dry, unaffected word of mouth. Then, there are those who treasure the opportunity to augment themselves and say something that anyone could say, but in a way nobody ever has. Enter Rich Mello & OlayaWon.

Money Trees has a hypnotic quality to it. It’s enticing in its exotic melody and hard-and-fast rhymes, but it can also be purposefully disorienting. The dreams and ambitions coming from the lyrics seem to blow past you with delays and panning while the two artists exchange verses coated with just enough reverb to make them seem like figments of some grand phantasmagoria. This is a song that captures the daunting nature of living your dreams, a theme that has been around since the early days of hip hop, but it also presents it in a way that elevates the experience. After an intent listen, you may feel like you’ve just walked through a dense crowd or floated in a pool. Whatever the case, you want to do it again.