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Reborn Rockers The Provisioners smash through the speakers with ”Bottle Up”

The Provisioners are a Rock Band based out of sunny Long Island, New York in the USA. After almost splitting up in 2018, they have since made a movie-type comeback in the scene. They push hard here with their latest track and it’s a memorable effort indeed.

Bottle Up’‘ is all about holding in your true feelings until you can’t anymore. You want to speak up but keep that love inside until you are ready to explode. You want this so bad are are willing to do whatever you can to make this work. This is surely true love.

I love the vocals on this song especially and the sound is old school 70’s rock. This is a vibrant band with a lot to offer us and would be amazing live I’m sure. This is a great indie rock song with plenty of heart and passion. The Provisioners are a must-see when gigs are back on again and I hope they stick around for many more years to come.

Stream this smashing tune right here on Soundcloud.

Catch the boys on Facebook to see when they are live again.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Modern Soul fashion pulling on dance vibes: Lee Harris’ release ‘All To Me’

Well-rounded entertainer, dancer and singer Lee Harris has released his track ‘All To Me’, a captivating slow-beat R&B effort.

It feels like you could easily get into a club and hear Harris perform in the background, and it would definitely be a show you would hit the dancefloor to. ‘All To Me’ delves into dynamic beats and sing-along choruses in a modern Soul fashion, pulling on dance vibes and passionate vocals.

Through looped rhythmic sections and synths creating a range of harmonies to accompany his vocals, ‘All To Me’ is about the struggle of committing to a relationship, a relationship he wants to fight for when singing “I don’t want a piece, just give your all to me.”

Head over to YouTube and listen to ‘All To Me’.

Review by Jim Esposito.