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Izzy Frances’s ‘Stay With Me’ – Beautiful, Stripped-Bare, and Emotive.

It’s not often as a reviewer that one starts to run out of superlatives, but when it comes to UK-based singer-songwriter Izzy Frances that’s highly possible. Frances has already had some serious success with new single ‘Stay With Me’, reaching the top ten on iTunes on its day of release, and staying there ever since; already a semi-finalist in last year’s UK national song-writing contest, Izzy’s gained support from BBC Introducing for all her releases so far, and on this basis of this track it’s very easy to see why.

‘Stay With Me’ is a beautiful, gentle, vaguely folk-oriented piano-led ballad which is carried superbly by Frances’ delicate voice; a mix of heartfelt emotion, soft and gentle yet raw and powerful all at once. The sparse piano arrangement adds perfectly to the feel of the delivery; there’s touches of Beverly Craven, Phoebe Bridgers, and even Norah Jones to the vibe, the lyrics mature and exposed whilst the minor-chord accompaniment sits stunningly well underneath. ‘Stay With Me’ is subtle and tender, stripped bare, fragile and emotive, and exquisitely well done.

You can hear ‘Stay With Me’ on SoundCloud now. Follow Izzy Frances here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Transcend our 3D reality with Michæl Augustine’s ambient experimental hyperpop single ‘goodbye’

Michæl Augustine

Experimental hyperpop artist, Michæl Augustine, is set to release their latest entrancingly avant-garde ambient single ‘goodbye’, if you want to slip away from our three-dimensional world, goodbye will gladly hand you the ticket.

The soundscape was written as an aural transcription of the mental and emotional journey of the average human being. With so much misguided focus on mental health, it is easy to see any amount of emotional turmoil as a life-long issue or an affirmation that we’re ‘broken’. Goodbye is a serene reminder that pain is part of the human condition whilst allowing the vibrant colours to decorate your mind with catharsis.

Needless to say, we’re floored with Michæl Augustine’s astute approach to experimentalism.

Goodbye is due for releasee on March 14th, you’ll be able check it out on SoundCloud. In the meantime, check out their former release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sorry Little Sharky – Beauty in Futility: Cavernously Absorbing Alt Pop

Beauty in Futility” is the latest vocally-led Art Pop single from singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Sorry Little Sharky, it’s also one of the most arcane singles which have fallen into our ears in 2020.

Not everyone’s larynx is capable of exuding haunting mesmerism, but perceptibly, Stef Schultz’s is. Even if Beauty in Futility was an acapella track, you’d still be absorbed by the cavernous feel to her vocal stretches. But alas, it is not, the deft instrumentals and effects find the perfect way to compliment her vocals in the playfully compelling composition which her vocals consistently dominate.

You can check out the official lyric video to Beauty in Futility by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast