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Lewca’s just ‘Doing His Thing’ with musical poetic vibes

With influences ranging from Tom Waits to Class A drugs, the Clash, expensive rum, Ian Dury, and The Streets, Lewca was born in a squat in Brixton, and by age nineteen had graduated to living in a squat in Paris. The more things change, and all that…

Now living in Normandy, and with three kids, a mortgage, and a pet hedgehog, ‘Doing My Thing’ is taken from Lewca’s new – you guessed it – ‘3 Kids and a Mortgage’ EP, and kicks in with a full-on early-Eminem-style Dr. Dre orchestration reminiscent of ‘The Real Slim Shady’, but when Lewca’s vocal joins us we’re suddenly all Mike Skinner/Sleaford Mods ‘Lahndahn, Innit?’ attitude and Scroobius Pip meter, mixed up with a little bit of ‘Alright, Still’ Lily Allen picture-painting cleverness. Lewca’s got great flow and a wonderful ear for rhyme, there’s a cracker of an ear-worm hooky ‘na na na’ chorus in between the pomp and heavy bass, but really ‘Doing My Thing’ – and the whole of the ‘3 Kids and a Mortgage’ – is a well-written, catchy little pop/hip-hop street-poetry-to-music thing about booze, bonds, Brixton, and, weirdly, bacon & eggs.

You can check out ‘Doing My Thing’ on Spotify and Bandcamp, and follow Lewca on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes