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Midi Contro challenges the presumptuous with his hazy hip hop track, ‘Slice’.

Encapsulating the hazy magnetic energy in Midi Contro’s debut album, Yellow Park District, is one of the rare occasions where the phrase ‘it’s a vibe’ is justified. The perfect introduction to Midi Contro’s captivating style is the lead track, Slice.

On top of the trippy, glitchy, modernistic beats, Midi Contro doesn’t fail to command the soundscape, each time the lyrics hit a raw point you’ll definitely feel the sting too. The powerfully meta lyricism catches you broadsided after the preceding verses lull you into a chilled vibe. As the single gets lyrically darker, the instrumentals match the evocative tone to leave you utterly transfixed by the narrative.

Through Slice, he dispels the fallacies people have placed upon him through assumptive presumptions. Through his honesty and lyrical wit, by the time the outro hits, you’ll have made a connection with the artist through the frustration of damning perceptions.

Check out Midi Contro’s debut album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast