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Micah Sheveloff shares introspective story of life with ”Guns and Cigarettes”

Micah Sheveloff is a Boston-born pianist and also a fine singer-songwriter. He has creatively merged a classical music foundation with a unique feel for popular music. Sheveloff has been a regular performer at venues across New York and is slowly establishing himself as a force on the scene. Recently he has relocated to Saint Petersburg in Florida where he continues to fine tune his craft.

Guns and Cigarettes” is a fine track and showcases Micah’s strong voice and natural music talent. His piano solo’s are quite sumptuously created to wet our music ears with some excellent melodies.

Micah Sheveloff is a quality talent and the Florida based artist is on the right track here. ”Guns and Cigarettes” is quite a sad song and the choices that we can make or break our lives. Enjoy the song with the link below and we anticipate a positive reaction to this kind of soulful music with meaning.

Stream this absolute gem here on his growing Soundcloud music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen