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Utah’s most promising alt-rock outfit MoonSugar have made their debut with ‘Spinning Out’.

It is getting increasingly difficult for alt-rock outfits to carve a niche, yet, Utah-hailing alt-rock trio MoonSugar made light work of establishing an authentic yet nostalgically immersive sound with their debut single, ‘Spinning Out’.

Breathy tender vocals can be hit or miss, but the harmonically light vocal timbre is right on the mark as it boasts reminiscences to Big Thief, The Proclaimers and Meredith Brooks. Spinning Out wouldn’t be out of place on the Never Been Kissed OST, but with the angular definitively alt-90s guitar tones, MoonSugar pulled their sound from the mainstream with nuanced grungy textures.

Despite the easy melodicism of Spinning Out, it is a stormer of a single that will leave you with plenty of anticipation for their sophomore release.

Spinning Out is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast