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Justice For George: iNSiGHT bring us a powerful track that speaks on the vital Black Lives Matters movement with ‘They Can’t Breathe’

Taken off their deeply thoughtful new album called ‘Trust‘, iNSiGHT emphatically remind us what real leaders do to make change that actually matters forever to everyone on ‘They Can’t Breathe‘.

iNSiGHT is an energetic Menifee, California alt-rock/metal band. They make that real type of music with intense meaning — that is about current events that should be spoken about more — as they rage in with the electric charge on full, with no messing around.

The fire is burning, as the protest are building and the people have now spoken. You feel the rage inside their vocals, as the frustration has boiled over so much, that the mood isn’t playing around like a game. This is totally for real and no movie.

They Can’t Breathe‘ from the the powerfully charged Californian metal/rock band iNSiGHT, is the story about how George Floyd’s tragic death seemed to spark so much anger around the world, that had been building up for so long. The USA needs to be mostly united for the world to be working smoothly and right now, it definitely isn’t. Things needs to change as soon as possible, so that no more lives are lost for no reason.

See this important video on YouTube and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Barren World: INSiGHT drop visuals for ’12:34′

Taken off their latest album called ‘TrusT‘, INSiGHT roam free in their pursuit of sticking up for those who have been unjustly mistreated by those in power on ‘12:34‘.

INSiGHT is a purposeful indie Rock/Metal band from Menifee, California, who make music that is different from the rest, as their mission is to help others in fighting for what is right in their eyes.

This is the picture of a world that seems to be in chaos from this vantage point, the scary tunnels underground are full of the stories of the lost and wounded, who are so stuck they can’t see what is upwards anymore.

The vocals are raw and with meaning, the indie rock mixes with the powerful metal to lead us into their vision of their world, with so much destruction and so little being done about it.

12:34‘ from Menifee, California’s ‘INSiGHT‘, is a thunderous effort from a band who put others first, their music is totally unique as this is all about having a deep mistrust with modern day society, as you blur into the same day with the same terrible things happening right before your eyes.

See the music video here on YouTube and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen