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Antler’s ‘White Cliffs’ – Chilled-out, mellow dream-pop.

Opening with some beautiful minor chord piano, ‘White Cliffs’ – the debut single by Belgians Antler – is a chilled, mellow little alt-rock track ballad, all gently swelling guitar chords, piano parts, and mature, focussed vocals courtesy of frontman Dean Vandeplassche. There’s a definite indie feel to this, that sort of dreamy, psychedelic Tame Impala feel; think Beach House, Yumi Zouma, or Still Corners, that dream-pop vibe reminiscent of Nicholas Allbrook, Cameron Avery, or Noir Disco, with some Barbagallo-style vocals. It’s that kind of relaxed, melodious, and easy-going thing; calming, sweet-sounding, and well-rounded, and for a first single it bodes very, very well for Antler’s future.

You can hear ‘White Cliffs’ on Spotify now; follow Antler on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

AnLony – Mertsd2ac featuring Anna Maria Olsson

Part of AnLony’s ‘Pe Ra Tu Ja’ EP (the title a sort of modernistic portmanteau of peregrine and thuja), a musical commentary on Anlony’s life during 2019 and 2020, ranging in scope from the birth of his nephew to the political struggles in Hong Kong.

‘Mertsd2ac’ is just shy of five minutes of experimental fusion, starting softly, with building chords over the sounds of rain, thunder, and birdsong, before the vocal, an almost chanting, droning (in an obviously intentional way), building slowly before the beautiful, haunting violin of Anna Maria Olsson slides in around the three minute mark.

Find AnLony’s music on BandCamp.

Review by Alex Holmes

MG II – Sorry for the Love: A Debut of Emotion-Driven Indie Pop

Twin duo MG II has just released their emotion-driven Indie Pop hit “Sorry for the Love”. The sweetly melodic number perfectly captures that inconsolable feeling when you become apologetic for loving someone. The lyrical inspiration for the downtempo soulful hit may have been melancholic, but the light shimmering tonnes ultimately make Sorry for the Love an uplifting track to slip into.

There’s a beautiful humility and honesty in Sorry for the Love. Which, if we’re all being honest, we can probably relate to. MG II’s ability to convey raw visceral emotion is a testament to their talent. You’ll definitely want them on your radar as there’s currently an EP in the works to follow on from their sensationally unforgettable debut single

Sorry for the Love is now available to stream via all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kurudj – Lose My featuring Alan Chuan and Alyssa Mendelowitz

Up and coming Pop artist Kurudj has recently released their stunningly sedative fourth album ME 2. A Conformist. While each of the hazy Lo-Fi tracks is as tranquilly sweet as the last, the perfect introduction to Kurudj’s lofty Alt Dream Pop style is Lose My.

Lose My features vocals from Alan Chuan and Alyssa Mendelowitz and incorporates elements of Folk and Melodic Indie Hip Hop to create an unpredictably amorous soundscape which stays lucid while offering a significant serving of hypnotic catharsis.

The accordance is stripped away as the track moves towards the outro as discordant tones are thrown into the mix along with fervent synth melodies and cavernous blasts of distorted bass. It was a bold stylistic move, but any fans of Mr Bungle would undoubtedly approve.

You can check out Lose My along with the rest of the album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Maisly – Radio Silence: Organically Empowering Indie Pop

With her empowering and feminist approach to Pop, in her latest single “Radio Silence” Nashville/London Alt Pop newcomer Maisly hasn’t just featured on the airwaves, she’s used them to inspire and connect with her listeners. I think we can all agree, more so than ever, that upraising artists are essential.

The all too resonant message in Radio Silence is a stark reminder to protect your self-worth while dealing with the people who we let control the perceptions of ourselves. It may be a relatively simple message, but how often do we find ourselves guilty of it?

With the clean and easy, popping and bright Pop Rock melodies, the organically feel-good radio-ready hit will make the perfect addition to your high-vibe Pop playlists.

You can check out Radio Silence for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Colton Smith – What Happens When the Sky Runs Out of Rain: Pensively Raw Melodic Pop

Even though the title to Colton Smith’s single “What Happens When the Sky Runs Out of Rain” may have indicated that they skipped a geography lesson, it’s still an incredibly strong offering of Pop with striking imagery making the sentiment behind the track even more visceral.

“What Happens When the Sky Runs Out of Rain” is just one of the pensively raw singles found on the up and coming artist’s debut 2019 album “Destroyed”. The gently intricate piano melodies strike the right emotive chords and sit in perfect synergy with Colton Smith’s harmonised poised vocals in What Happens When the Sky Runs Out of Rain.

You can check out Colton Smith’s single What Happens When the Sky Runs Out of Rain for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast