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Subterranean Deadbeats debauched Melbourne’s Garage Rock Scene with ‘Hang Me Out’

Spewing Voodoo by Subterranean Deadbeats

Subterranean Deadbeats AKA Melbourne’s answer to the Rolling Stones, with their latest single, Hang Me Out, captured the defiant swagger of 70s garage rock while also tapping into the raw, unfiltered energy of their bluesy, swamp-infused, and wickedly pornographic sound.

Frontman Chris Taranto, alongside his bandmates, has swiftly carved out a niche with their rhythmic revolt to the superficial banality that is choking the music industry; with their scorching guitars and Taranto’s versatile vocal delivery that oscillates between a piercing drawl and a melancholic lament, they’ve delivered what the rock scene has been crying out for.  After filtering through a debauched kaleidoscope of psychedelic grit and haze, their music seeps into the listener’s bones like a sonic contagion that refuses to be cleansed.

With two fingers up to polished pop and TikTok trends, the prodigal pack of renegades is instigating a garage rock insurrection.  Hang Me Out is an audacious call to arms, a dirty, delicious slice of rock that dares you to remain unmoved. With guitar solos that reach the heights of glorious filth and harmonies sweet enough to temper the raucous backbone of their tracks, Subterranean Deadbeats aren’t merely reviving the soul of rock and roll—they are imbuing it with sacrilegious vitality.

For anyone yearning for the days when music was a revolutionary act, not just background noise, Hang Me Out proves that the spirit of rock isn’t just alive; it’s kicking, screaming, and ready to convert the uninitiated. Listen, but be warned: the Subterranean Deadbeats might just make a believer out of you.

Stream and download Hang Me Out on Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ARCTISKY became the Chris Isaak of his Generation with ‘Unreal Love’


ARCTISKY’s latest single, Unreal Love, is the smoothest slice of rock-fervoured seduction your rhythmic pulses have ever wrapped around.

Impassioned in the same vein as The National’s Trouble Will Find Me LP, the single, prised from the Maldives-born, Melbourne-based troubadour of slick soul’s debut album, Roots Vol. 1, is a tapestry of lush tonality, stitched with edges of indie pop, the passion of RnB, funk grooves, and rock roots which puts the singer-songwriter in the same league as Chris Isaak.

Your heartbeat will become the second most important rhythm coursing through you as soon as you immerse yourself in the authenticated hit which exhibits ARCTISKY as one of the most sincere revolutionists on the airwaves. With vocal harmonies that pour as deliciously as the mellifluous melodies that unravel as a confluence of ornate piano keys, reverb-swathed synths and soaring guitar lines over the propulsive rhythm, Unreal Love is as close to heaven as you will get on the airwaves.

Unreal Love will be available to stream on all major platforms with Roots Vol 1, including Spotify, from June 14.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Twin Flowers blossom in their protestive electro-rock debut single, Greed.

Twin Flowers

The freshly formed Melbourne-based rock act Twin Flowers graciously treated us to a sneak peek of their anti-capitalist debut release, Greed. No artist has sold socialism this well since the Manic Street Preachers went on a revolutionary mission in the 90s. Even then, aural anti-capitalism has never been *quite* this sultry before. The only people that could conceivably hate the bass-dripping synth lines and euphoric drops in Greed are the ones caught up in the phallic space race.

Twin Flowers was conceived after the songwriter, James Toohey, spent a gap year in Bristol. We can only live in hope they hop back across the pond to treat us to some live renditions of their blossoming sonic sound.

Greed is an exceptionally promising debut that proves that even in the darkest and most dystopic times, dancey indie rock escapism will be one of the tragically rare saviours for the socially minded. If you are always on the hunt for the next big thing, it doesn’t get much bigger than the production in Greed.

Greed will be available to stream and purchase from October 22nd, 2021. You can check it out for yourselves via Bandcamp.

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