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Can We Be Friends: Tay Toe knows exactly who he is on Meet Again

Wanting his former lover to be strong while he figures out what is next, Tay Toe has dropped a reflective track for anyone who has dealt with those dark pill days of mind confusion on Meet Again.

Tay Toe is a Los Angeles-born hip hop artist who has the ability to change lives with a meaningful flow and calming wisdom to learn from.

Like many young Americans, Tay Toe spent his teenage years living with anxiety and depression. He began writing music as therapy, but actually performing it live was a big step for him. However, once in his element, it’s plain to see Tay Toe was born for the stage.” ~ Tay Toe

Fueling fire to the notion that we are in the company of someone rather extraordinary, Tay Toe shows us the way to keeping that burning passion alive despite the cold distance which can hide souls away in the frigid climates of doom.

Meet Again from Salt Lake City-based and Los Angeles-born hip hop artist Tay Toe is the anthem for anyone who is missing that special someone due to the evil temptations prowling around which can snap our innocence. Rapped with meaning and a true love for his missing lover, we are thrown into a whirlwind-like story to be totally encapsulated by.

When you know you’ll be together again, the winds will always be ready to assist when called upon.

Listen up to this fine new single on SoundCloud. See more vibes on IG.

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