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Rebuild From The Rubble: UK-born rapper Max Thomson never gives up on finding his tribe with ‘I Wonder’ (feat. Brittney Barber)

As he diligently searches to find the optimal transmission of someone who thinks like he does, Max Thomson returns with lighter in hand, on a sensational song that should be stuck in your mind for weeks on end called ‘I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber).

Max Thomson is a supremely skilled UK-born, British Columbia-based emcee, producer and singer, who fuses that truthful music into one melting pot of self-discovery. He seems to improve after each track released and gives the lucky listener a real perspective — that is definitely needed into this quick-swipe world — which needs to slow down for its own long-term good.

This is the incredible message of keeping the faith burning no matter what, when it could of been easier to give up and forget about everything. In this savage world, there are many obstacles to climb and you might slip sometimes. Getting up and doing what feels right, is the only way to really being happy inside the deepest and most important part of your soul.

She sings with the wind blowing into her long hair, the genuine passion is so visible from her striking eyes which piece through into your eager mind, that hungrily seeks something more meaningful than the usual.

His raps are breathtakingly honest, with quick-fire verses about hiding the nerves under the surface and almost giving in — as he builds up steam and shows his inner strength, to closely follow his manifested dreams to where they are meant to fly — so high into the star-lit sky above.

I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber) from the soulful Canada-based hip-hop artist, producer and singer Max Thomson, is the song you needed to hear in 2021. This underrated artist brings us a quality track that shows us that two souls who feel the same can be united as one. Their energies spark wonderfully like a lighter that has just refueled, as the fire burns bright on this excellent creation, that needs to be heard far and wide. Never give up, someone will always be listening.

Stream this new video on YouTube and check out Max’s IG for more tracks and adventures.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen