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Matthew Kocienda Let Me Fall Is Packed Full Of More Than Emotive Imagery

Entropy's Parallel by Matthew Kocienda

Classical music can be truly underappreciated in modern times when we rehash the same pop hits endlessly. The mastery of orchestral tonal combinations played in various modes of musical keys dancing in and out of each other in playful mathematic formulas can be really dazzling when you consider all that goes into it. On the other hand, there’s another type of music that we regretfully lose track of in our daily radio hits; noise. Noise is just as important as perfect pitches. Long decaying cymbals and fuzzy guitar tracks are just as important as squeaky clean melodies and masterfully crafted rhythms. Where we forget about music’s creative right brain, Matthew Kocienda does more than remember. He brings it out to play.

To call this music lo-fi would be an oversimplification. The truth is, Let Me Fall is packed full of more than emotive, imagery laden vocal lines. It also layers noises in ways that pull you into the chaotic themes presented. The music, however, can just as abruptly spit you out into a completely different tone. You can go from losing your footing to riding the lightning in seconds flat. This noise rocks and the longer you let it take you, the more you’ll find those melodies and dissonant mathematics that classical composers could never embrace in a way that punched the audience in the face as hard. You’ll thank Kocienda for this bruise.

-Paul Weyer