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Batten down the hatches, Below Bermuda is back with another rip-roaring slice of alt-rock, Wings

After a brief recording hiatus, the international alt-rock outfit, Below Bermuda turned up the temperature with the blazing hot funk-dripped riffs with their first release since 2018, Wings. If you’re sick of four-chord rock, dig right into the complex rhythmic patterns in this hit that will dizzy you into mesmerism. Although you might want to batten down the hatches first, Below Bermuda is about as unreckonable as the Bermuda Triangle itself.

The Rise Against vocal reminiscence and melodically hooky instrumentals in the choruses around the frenetic punk rock pacing in the verses create a track that keeps on giving. After one hit of Wings, I knew that Below Bermuda is a band well-worth catching live. Their animated energy that pulls it together just enough to create a tight AF performance will undoubtedly make for an unforgettable live experience.

It just so happens that before lockdown crimped their touring and recording plans, Below Bermuda rip roared through venues and festivals in the UK, earning themselves the accolade of one of the hottest live acts on the scene.

Wings is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Grab a seat at the table for Tuncratio’s atmospheric alt-rock instrumental, Feast of Nothing

There’s something in the atmosphere of Tuncratio’s seminal instrumental alt-rock single, Feast of Nothing. The intro instrumental framework threw me right back to when Alexisonfire was a prized possession in my CD collection. Feast of Nothing then progresses into a deeply evocative melodic piece with complex time signatures that compel you to lean deeper into the alluring sonic mise en scene that cinematically wraps up through a cinematically orchestral outro.

The Italian-born, Scottish-by-adaption multi-instrumentalist and producer entered the music industry in the early 2000s. Not one to feel sated in the confines of one genre, his music spans across multiple, often in the space of one track. In his eclectic range of influences, Smashing Pumpkins, Mogwai and Deftones often push to the forefront in his sonic signature scribbled across his discography. Tuncratio’s back catalogue currently consists of two LPS, two mixtapes and the EP, Elephant in the Room, from which Feast of Nothing was taken.

Feast of Nothing was officially released on December 12th; catch it on Spotify. Stay tuned for Tuncratio’s upcoming

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Post-rock meets folk as Jess Porter connects the dots in his comeback single, Patterns.

After experimenting in other outfits, the Melbourne artist, Jess Porter, has made his first release since 2014. Right from the intro, Patterns hits you with its dynamic intensity. The simple folky melody running through in hyper-speed instantly immerses you in the post-rock alchemy.

Patterns moves past art rock into 65daysofstatic territory with the synths becoming equal to the guitars as they groove and glitch through the complex time signatures. The vocal effects are nothing short of ingenious for the way Porter harmonically proves that he doesn’t have a vocal timbre to hide before running it through enough distortion that it becomes as volatile as the instrumentals.

Patterns is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Vulpine break new ground with their experimental post-rock EP, Ventures.

Scotland’s most melodic alt-rock outfit, Vulpine, has released their genre-spanning debut EP, Ventures, which brings a rare sense of accessibility to math rock and plenty of solemnity and poise to emo pop-rock.

The best introduction to their atmospheric, progressively gripping songwriting style is the title track, which carries the evocative weight of Frightened Rabbit combined with the instrumental furore of Mogwai.

From an ambient prelude, an intricately immense storm kicks up in the instrumentals, taking you through gripping breakdowns and even sweeter crescendos that hit the climactic spot every time. As the consistently in-flux sonic palette switches up through the progressions, vocalist, Pete Fox, demonstrates the provoking range of his vocal power.

The Ventures EP released on October 1st. It is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Swimming deliver anthemic indie rock realism in their latest single, Sometimes Things Change

If you are yet to healthily embrace the inevitability of change, the anthemic indie-rock bop, Sometimes Things Change, from up and coming artist, Swimming, might be enough to push your perceptions in a more positive direction.

With tinges of angsty punk and an Against Me! vibe to their lo-fi sound, the energy in Sometimes Things Change comes with a sharp set of teeth. You won’t be left waiting for the hooks; you’ll already be hooked in the full-frontal emotion right from the intro. Swimming’s raucous vibe and conscious lyrics are everything that the airwaves need right now. The shift to disjointing proggy math-rock mid-way through the track proves that there’s plenty more to Swimming than their candour; they are a powerhouse in their own right.

You can check out the official music video for Sometimes Things Change by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Test your mind’s neuroplasticity with .Noodle.’s jazzy math-rock single, Hi-Fi.

The endearingly-titled New Jersey-hailing jazzy math-rock instrumental outfit .Noodle. is set to release their debut EP, ‘Seasons; if technical instrumental ability leaves you weak at the knees, you may want to grab a chair before delving into the lead single, Hi-Fi.

As complex time signatures are hallmarks in *both * jazz and math rock, the mellow tones that introduce Hi-Fi are quickly replaced by clean and accordant speedy riffs that course through seamlessly rapid twists before mellifluously unwinding once more.

With each band member bringing a different style and experience to the instrumental powerhouse, finding reminiscences in their sound is a thankless task; indulging in the virtuosic alchemy definitely isn’t.

Check out .Noodle. on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That Extra Hunger: The Mantra Discord dive in with catchy debut single ‘Impressions’

As they pierce your frail speakers with a performance that will leave you awe-struck with emotions, The Mantra Discord craftily flow into our thoughtful minds with their first single called ‘Impressions‘.

The Mantra Discord is a super hungry instrumental/math-rock/experimental duo from the busy streets of Southern California.

With a supremely intricate start to proceedings, this is stacked full of wonderful guitar-driven solos that revs up your engine – this unique piece has you captivated by its every turn – as you feel like you are in a melancholic state of mind, full of darkness in your room, as you find the light again.

What separates us from other math-rock bands is that we have included strings to give our music a fuller sound and different elements just looking to explore more melancholic melodies and darker atmospheres. We take influences from modern instrumental rock bands such as Chon, Polyphia, plini, Elephant Gym, and Covet, while also listening to other bands like the Fall of Troy and Oceans Ate Alaska to give a more darker and a little heavier fill to our music.” – The Mantra Discord

Impressions‘ from the highly creative Southern California instrumental math-rock duo The Mantra Discord, is a debut track that will have you feeling you have just listened to something so different from the rest. The high skill level of this motivated duo is a blessing to the ears, as they bring us a dazzling display of musicianship to remember.

Stream this brand new vision on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free From Myself: Brandon Roach flies mightily high on the wonderfully crafted ‘Wings’ (ft. Amanda Morin and Mo)

As you feel the peaceful vibrations flying so calmly into your consciousness to get rid of the built-up toxins within, Brandon Roach roams into our ears so majestically on ‘Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo).

Brandon Roach is an excellent Colorado-based guitarist, downhill skater and producer, who creates that unique body-moving experience, with his diversely fascinating psychedelic math rock and electric guitar dance music.

The skillful guitar simmers into your mind with the story about just following the direction you know is right, so that you may heal so beautifully. You sense the subtle vocals intertwine into your curious mind, and sparkle into your soul with just the right amount of intrigue, to keep you wanting more.

Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo) from the superb Colorado instrumentalist Brandon Roach, is a heart-healing feeling that leaves your body as one with itself, after a long journey in a different world. You feel crystallized somehow and morph into a mellow state of mind that is so welcome, as this is one of those underground gems that deserves the upmost love.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on Brandon’s IG, Amanda’s and Mo’s too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Miniature Cyclops” from California Punk band Dads Under Where rock in with eccentric release

Dads Under Where is a psychedelic rock band from Sacramento with punk, grunge, and math rock influences featuring manic theatrics that uncovers your inner rock n’ roller. ”Miniature Cyclops” .

The Californian 3-piece full of long shaggy hair and gritty guitar riffs, ice up with some gruff vocals illuminates the speakers. ”Miniature Cyclops” is a very eccentric song full of old school 90’s punk rock sounds. That era was a real top shelf time to be listening to this type of music. Dads Under Where would of fitted in well during this time as their music is fantastic.

With drums, vocals and guitar being the centerpieces here, the Sacramento outfit slam in sliding on the greasy dance floor. Dads Under Where bring back the fun of punk rock with a raving set up drums to set up the mood splendidly on ”Miniature Cyclops”.

Stream this new rocking track here on their Spotify music channel.

Check out the band’s Facebook page to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

8udDha bl0od – R.:.W7h3n7!ck 1303 (2) 007 UR h.:.!R W0n’7 .:RY 7ill .:.f73R UR higH; 80Y5 ii M!i!n; l37 17 83

8udDha bl0od kicked off the introduction track to their latest album with inventive effects which would give any guitarist pedalboard-envy. The chiming choral guitar progressions make for a trippy start, but from there on out, the epically-lengthed 11-minute instrumental track will take you through a myriad of evolutions.

From No Wave to Old School Punk to Alt Blues Rock, you’ll find plenty of indulgent nuances which will ensure that your attention never falters from the relentless gritty mesmerism which is on offer in R.:.W7h3n7!ck 1303 (2) 007 UR h.:.!R W0n’7 .:RY 7ill .:.f73R UR higH; 80Y5 ii M!i!n; l37 17 83.

The Brighton-based underground artist never disappoints with his tracks, but with R.:.W7h3n7!ck 1303 (2) 007 UR h.:.!R W0n’7 .:RY 7ill .:.f73R UR higH; 80Y5 ii M!i!n; l37 17 83 they provided over 10 minutes of fuzzy captivating catharsis which you’ll definitely want to make a part of your playlists.

You can immerse yourselves in R.:.W7h3n7!ck 1303 (2) 007 UR h.:.!R W0n’7 .:RY 7ill .:.f73R UR higH; 80Y5 ii M!i!n; l37 17 83 by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast