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Take It: Emilie Thorsby shall certainly slay all night on Dark Wonderland

Making a statement and opening up the door to how the feelings have developed over time, Emilie Thorsby shows us into the masks and a life that certainly hasn’t been easy on the scintillating new track Dark Wonderland.

Emilie Thorsby is a Danish indie pop singer-songwriter who has let it be known that there is a dark soul within these talented veins.

You’re probably wondering why just the black mask, the green eyes and the blood on my hands .. Yes, because of those things, have a symbol, on my journey in music and just how I am looked at, as a human being.” ~ via IG

Stunning our ears and pushing our souls to be free again, Emilie Thorsby is an impressive artist who seems to possess the type of soaring skills that only a real trailblazer seems to understand.

The black mask, is an expression of, no one has really wanted to see, the person that I am, meant in I constantly, is pushed, away by others a bit of a phantom who uses the music, to and be heard, reach out and express who one really is.” ~ via IG

Dark Wonderland from Danish indie pop singer-songwriter Emilie Thorsby is a hugely dynamic single from an artist who leaves nothing on the carpet with this inspiring release. Urging us all to be totally honest and to be ourselves, no matter what, this is a bone-shaking release which will probably give you goosebumps.

In a world with so many smoke and mirrors, this is a welcome anthem for those who need to believe again.

Listen up to this fine new single here and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lizzie Hosking helps her sister realize that throwing the poisonous trash out is vital with her potent new single, ‘Mask’

Following up on her previous release called ‘YOU‘ from March 2022, Lizzie Hosking slices the memory of that trash ex into the dustbin forever on her latest gem, ‘Mask‘.

Lizzie Hosking is an Adelaide, Australia indie pop/RnB solo singer-songwriter who makes music that assists others and shows us that if you want to achieve your dreams, anything is possible if you want it enough.

This song is about helping your friend realize they deserve SOOO much more than their walking red flag of a partner.” ~ Lizzie Hosking

Embracing the moment and showing such bravery that is truly heartfelt and takes you into a picture that is sadly too common in this quick-swipe world, Lizzie Hosking is rather incredible on this gorgeously-sung release that should shake the ears awake of those who need to hear the truth.

Lizzie has constantly struggled with her self-image, being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 10, Lizzie was outcasted and found it hard to fit in, now she breathes self-confidence and loving yourself into all of her songs, in an attempt to reach others who may be struggling with similar circumstances.” ~ Lizzie Hosking

Mask‘ from Australian indie pop/RnB solo singer-songwriter Lizzie Hosking is an intuition-packed single that shows us her glorious vocals and this smartly-written song that is an anthem for anyone who needs to be free again and away from those toxic energies that can break you down. With her inspiring tone and a real insight into knowing when something feels off, this is a finger-clicking, trash-throwing single that should assist so many sweet souls to feel alive again, rather than being played by a greedy human who just wants you as a plastic toy.

Being with someone special who is actually real and helps you grow as a person, is the only thing that we should be exposed to after all.

Hear this fine single help you realize what you couldn’t see before on Spotify and see her inspiring dreams on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Slow Down: Emerging producer Pincey urges us to take a breath on ‘Rat King’

With his trademark mask on tight and ready to inspire us, Pincey tells us to avoid falling into the treacherous trap that so many find ourselves in, with his groovy-filled new single called ‘Rat King‘.

Rincent Veyes aka Pincey is a mysterious Gardena, California-based electronic artist who like to keeps things under wrap personally, as he makes that crisp sound melody, that has you feeling good and inspired about life.

This waterfall-like track fills your body with hope again, as the catchy riffs grip tightly onto your soft skin to let you know that you are indeed alive and not in some weird dream. You feel a sense of relief gushing all over you, that an artist is so self-aware, his mind alert with the possibilities that are right inside you, if you know where to find the key.

Rat King‘ from the enigmatic producer Pincey, is the call to wake up from the common walk that so many take, that actually takes you around where you want to go, instead of inside those good vibes that makes you happy.

With a chilled exterior and lots of soul, this is exactly the type of message that is needed in this copycat world.

Stream now on his Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Protect Yourself: Pat Smith urges us to be save during these pandemic-riddled times on ‘KN95’

Taken off his four-track ‘The Covid Chronicles (Unplugged) EP‘, Pat Smith showcases his undeniable quality with his smart outlook on the lead single called ‘KN95‘.

Patrick Smith aka Pat Smith, is a singer-songwriter, veteran and professional athlete, who makes that soulfully aware music about knowing your true value, in this often cheap-quick type of world.

This is the story about staying safe in these wild times on Earth, as he have once again, been tasked with restarting again while staying sane. He performs with that real inspiring voice, that makes you remember that life can actually be simple if we all just stay calm and follow some basic guidelines.

This is a soul/RnB song with an indie acoustic flavor which tastes really good, as he sings with that extra bit of class that is so often lacking in a show-off bling, fake type of society.

KN95‘ from the soulfully aware RnB artist Pat Smith, is that pure song about being safe and wearing a mask, even if you don’t like it. He sings from the heart and this is such an important message in these times of so much unpredictability and confusion. Just wearing that mask when outside is so simple, and what do you have to lose anyway?

Stream this lovely track on Spotify and see his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen