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Staying strong together and never giving up: Ozy shares powerful message about male suicide on ‘Men’

Ozy proves that self-awareness triumphs over all obstacles in our mind on the heartfelt new single called ‘Men‘.

Walsall-based artist, Ozy, cares deeply about his fellow man and decided that he needed to do something about the high rate of male suicide in his local area. He joined his The Positivity Movement with Midlands-based Mind Kind Projects to share good energy and to help those that needed it most. This movement is especially important during these wild times in the world, where human interaction is at an all-time low.

The message here is that its okay to not be okay and we all get lost sometimes and need to see a light, to get out of the quick-sand and emerge from the darkness.

Ozy collected the thoughts, feelings, emotions, struggles and advice from his fellow men and eloquently fused these deep words together- into a song for all of us to hear and learn from.

His glorious voice in this special pop song floats above and shows us that it is possible to get better if you speak up. He has been through his own personal battles and has fought for his own happiness too. This deep understanding of this powerful topic makes him the perfect role model to show that you can get better and be successful. Being lonely is so tough and with the support of others, you can indeed smile again and go from strength to strength in life.

Men‘ from Walsall’s shining light Ozy is a song about hope and openness to speak about the issues you are having so you can embrace and ultimately conquer them.

Through music, there is always healing and the smooth vibrations puts a positive spin on a topic that is often swept under the rug and forgotten. This is a very valuable cause and one that needs to be shown so much love and support.

Support this extremely important movement on Spotify and see more from Ozy on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen