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London-based RnB band Mad Yella loves that feeling when they are together on ‘With Your Love’

Holding our hand and guiding us onto the dance floor that is ready for lots of lovers to unite tonight, Mad Yella shine so brightly on their latest single all about looking into the eye of your romantic partner and staying real close all night on ‘With Your Love‘.

Mad Yella is a London, UK-based 7-piece RnB band who started their journey in Kent and have continued to evolve over time as their signature sound sends shivers down our spines.

Serenading us all with their genuine style that sends your mind into a happy place beyond comprehension, Mad Yella are rather splendid with a memorable release Рthat will have you suddenly in the mood Рto strap on that smile and get moving to find your ideal lover and never let them go. There is nothing complicated here, as rather there is calm energy, with terrific vocals and a finely tuned rhythm that will get you grooving.

With Your Love‘ from the smoothly classy London, UK-based RnB/new soul band Mad Yella is that growing-old-together and keeping-that-spark-alive kind of experience that will surely lift you off your seat and take you to a better place. Sung with pure authenticity and streaming immaculately into our hearts with a soulful embrace, this is the perfect romantic single to gaze into your lover’s eyes with.

Listen up to this catchy track on Spotify and see their movements in the social game on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen