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Kaitlin Puccio plays with incredible elegance on the piano-infused ‘La Cloche En Verre’

Kaitlin Puccio plays with such incredible elegance on the perfect piano-infused new single called ‘La Cloche En Verre‘.

La Cloche En Verre means The Bell Jar in French and we are blessed to have this beautiful song in our ears for 2020. The skill level is tremendous and I feel like this is a pianist who plays for love, she loves music so much. The passion shows.

Kaitlin is a model, actress, and singer-songwriter with a style that is so elegant. This classy musician dazzles here on this wonderful song. According to Spotify, if you like Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer, and Beethoven, you’ll like this. The great thing about this single is that the track builds and builds, taking you on a journey to discover what you are deep inside your soul.

La Cloche En Verre‘ is such a fine track that is wonderfully created by the incredible Kaitlin Puccio. She is such a skilled pianist and is simply beautiful on this song that didn’t need vocals. This is one song to sit back with and to be enjoyed when you need to take some time out from this wild dumpster fire of 2020. True beauty always wins eventually.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


When you are a multi-award-winning film composer, you have an innate knack for soundtracks. Michael Vignola performs a perfect blend of classical and ambient music in his latest release ‘Further and Further’, that feats violinist Francesca Dardani.

Gentle grand piano arpeggios are the main feature of the track, creating a genuine sound that emphasizes the overlaying violin melodies in an effort that combines classic with contemporary.

‘Further and Further’ is where your mind wanders when you listen to Michael Vignola, making it the perfect background music for the next big film release.

You can pre-save ‘Further and Further’ for yourself here.

Review by Jim Esposito.

PUNCHiE – Mon Cheri – Surprisingly Delicate Piano Melodies That Will Take You On A Pleasing Journey Through Sound.

When I first read the artist’s name, as I was about to click on his Soundcloud page to listen to his track, I must admit, I was expecting something completely different. The artist’s moniker led me to assume this was going to be some kind of electronic music or hip-hop with a…well, punchy tone!

However, I was really pleasantly surprised when I found out that Mon Cheri is far from what I was assuming I’d find! The track is a stunning piano composition, which makes me think of the work of artists such as Ludovico Einaudi or Alexandre Desplat, just to mention but a few. Punchie is arguably an accomplished pianist, and this track stands as a testament of the artist’s incredibly gifted musicianship and prowess with the instrument. The song has a sweet, soft and direct tone, which grows in intensity and swings seamlessly from featuring a few, quite note, to entrancing listeners with a waterfall of melodic, swirling notes that are almost dancing in the air!