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Realizing you deserve better: Alice D sings with pent-up frustration on the honest ‘Drunk Talk’

Set for release on the 4th December 2020, this new Future-Pop single has such an splendid soundscape, that drifts our minds into previous relationships that were covered in crazy talk, and got a bit too much. Your brain is thrown into disbelief as you struggle to comprehend how you are still with his person, your loyalty is being tested way too much, and you know it won’t last for much longer. The sparkling singer-songwriter Alice D returns to express her current frustrations, on her latest release ‘Drunk Talk‘.

Her voice is so classy and crisp, the style is fresh and the Pop pureness is a gift for those tired ears out there. The simple beat keeps everything in a marvelous bow of consistency, that is a splendid listen. This is a singer who hold her tone just right, and doesn’t try and overdue anything. A sign of a mature artist in a young body, she shows us all that loyalty is important but knows that the time to end this might be close, unless big changes are made.

The story of being with someone that cares about the bottle more than you, their stories are starting to repeat themselves, and you are wising up to the situation. Sometimes the innocent ones get taken for a ride by selfish characters, who think their ride will last forever, but it will eventually end in tears.

Drunk Talk‘ from the sweet-sounding vocals of Alice D is a warning to those who push it too far, the journey to be happy is more important, than following along a lost cause that is only going backwards.

Hear this honest single full of real talk on Soundcloud and see more on her Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”The Glory’s Mine” is a bluesy gem from Ben Railway Robey

A true singer-songwriter is born with a genuine soul, a smooth voice and lyrics that are gritty. Ben Railway Robey has such a great name and backs it up with a quality song here. ”The Glory’s Mine” is one of those road trip songs that needs to be played again and again.

With his attitude in a full steam ahead mood, Ben Railway Robey is on a mission to climb the music mountain and shows us his determination to do it his way. Tired of false promises, Ben flows in such a authentic way that the song feels like a campfire story. This is a singer-songwriter with inner grit and determination to make sure that every moment counts while performing his blend of music. I imagine Ben Railway Robey singing his heart out in a small, dusty and rum soaked bar. Loyal fans listening from all corners and enjoying every minute. This is the ultimate underdog and ”The Glory’s Mine” is statement of intent from this real talent.

Stream more from this underrated blues artist with a heart of gold right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen