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You and I: Alisa Velasquez is sensually elegant on romantic new RnB single ‘In Bloom’

Taken off her brand new three-track Valentine’s Day EP named ‘Hold Me Close‘, Alisa Velasquez finds what she has been looking for on the delightfully romantic new single ‘In Bloom‘.

Alisa Velasquez is a sensational solo Connecticut-based RnB singer-songwriter, who has teamed up with pulsating producer Hana Sushi, to bring us that special love music that closes old wounds and opens you up to care deeply again.

Her outstanding vocal ability has your body shaking in unwavering delight, as her trained tone captures your vivid imagination with classy grace and tender love-knots in your hungry stomach.

This is the sweet story of being single for so long that you almost gave up, but somehow found the inner strength to try again, which only served to be the beacon of light you needed, to believe again.

In Bloom‘ from the delightfully sweet Connecticut-based RnB singer-songwriter Alisa Velasquez, is the loving story about taking a chance again after being heartbroken. You opened the door and you saw the spark that you liked, and now you are flourishing with that special someone, who has made your smile wide and happy again.

Love really does conquer all if you let it.

Hear her dazzling voice on YouTube for the lyric video and follow her on IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying to move on: Rooney is back with new pop/rock single ‘Get Over U’

Speaking passionately about a tough heartbreak that he is currently facing, Rooney sings about how he needs to move on quickly to heal, but the tough-to-handle pain is still fresh on ‘Get Over U‘.

Rooney is a coruscating Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop/rock artist, who makes music to help others that have struggled to come out about their sexuality and how it feels like to thrive, in this wildly confusing modern world.

His voice shows you the pain that is lodged deep in his soul, you hear the emotion-filled story and feel for him as he opens the door, to let us into this once wonderfully-alive love story gone wrong. Each word is with meaning, as he tries to work out what went wrong so he cam heal up fast, to find new roads ahead sooner rather than later.

Get Over U‘ from the effervescent talent of Melbourne, Australia’s Rooney, is a fine love-torn single, full of poise and grace, that heats up your soul to a fantastic artist that sings determinedly on real issues that has inspired him to speak out, so he can courageously help others through his love for music.

Hear this new track on Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When love ends again: SnapDibz release emotion-filled new Hip Hop single ‘Done Believing’

SnapDibz return with a new rap track to get you thinking about starting fresh via the pulsating ‘Done Believing‘.

Atlanta, Georgia-based indie-rap artist SnapDibz, makes that inspiring music that tells real stories about love and life. With an attractive sound that flows through your heart to help you deal with loss or sadness, he has a perfect understanding about what soulful soundscapes should sound like.

This is the real story about how love was fiery and hot but soon sizzled out as she showed her true selfish ways. You had so much love for her but then it was too much to handle, as you want to be with someone genuine and not full of themselves. When you realize that you shouldn’t of been with someone like this, it can take you more time to heal, as you feel like a fool who was poisoned by an evil soul- who just wanted your good energy for themselves.

Done Believing‘ from Hip Hop artist SnapDibz, is a top notch new school track that is full of quality raps that are quick-fire and meaningful. With sultry vocals that add so much heart to proceedings, this is a fine song with a bouncy beat that lifts you up, while also making you feel so reflective from past experiences in love.

That feeling of losing hope about love is so painful and takes a while to get over, until you meet a special soul again so you get that extra heartbeat in your system. Love must always win over sadness after all.

Hear this fine single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Figuring out what went wrong: A-A drop new single about how relationships can go icy fast on ‘Cold Hearted’

A-A bring us a riveting new track to full immerse ourselves into, that will leave you a bit chilly called ‘Cold Hearted‘.

Recently formed electronic-pop duo A-A is a joint project from Alex Williamson and Austin Hintz, who make a delightful mixture of up and downtempo music, to fill our hearts with goodness and thoughtful stories of love.

With passionate pop vocals that make you listen so intently and with memories of past relationships rushing through your brain like an express train, you find yourself nodding your head at the stories about how manipulative some people can be as they dramatically put the blame on you, while never admitting anything from their side. This is a vicious circle of blustery winds that will only end with you feeling the brunt of the storm, no matter how hard you try and help their state of mind.

Cold Hearted‘ from electro-pop duo A-A is the true story about how sometimes love can be so strong for a while and then after a while you notice that your partner is actually not the right person for you. The relationship then ends and its all over with you questioning why you were with them in the first place-as their heart is not warm and caring like yours.

To be truly happy inside and to unlock to the door to personal freedom, you need to find the special soul that has the kindness key, so you can both walk through and be at peace with one another, no matter what obstacles you both face.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see what they get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hot and mysterious R&B: The Vibe sings about that sweet lovin’ on ‘Fall Back’

New Jersey artist The Vibe is a motivated individual who has been carefully crafting his music to get that particular ‘wow factor’ in his soul and he might have found the sweet spot on ‘Fall Back’.

The feeling is that he is on his way up the stairs after a few falls and creative differences with himself. It’s how we get back up again and evolve that counts after all. Good music does indeed triumph over everything if polished just right and with extra spray, to add that shine that gleefully captures our attention, from the maze of constant distractions.

The love story is on full display here as his voice illuminates the bedroom while the lights slowly getting lower and lower. His tone is seducing and driven towards falling in love with the mysterious goddess he is crazy about. With a smooth output and lots of lyrics that will have the ladies swooning over his every word, this is a singer that has it all in his locker. You feel like he is expressing himself very eloquently and soon he will get that much-needed buzz by playing live shows after covid-19 finally fizzles out.

If he can build up his community a bit tighter on social media, have almost daily interactions, with friends family assisting to kick-start things, this is a young artist that can fully realize his dreams. The music quality is there and he just needs that push at the start to get the momentum like pushing a car that won’t start. With a big push, original music that is different to the rest, not being too hard on himself, and a loyal team pushing him to greater heights, anything is possible.

Fall Back’ from New Jersey R&B singer-songwriter The Vibe is a sexy song and full of lustful innuendos that will have you reaching for that water bottle to cool off. This is a talented artist with a golden voice that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. He has a rare gift that if used right, can shine through bright and inspire so many lost souls out there.

Feel the heat via Spotify and see this young artists career take off on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wondering what you did so wrong: Megzz sings from the heart on ‘Tell Me Why’

Her voice paints the picture of pain and sadness, the sudden end of something so special is so hard to comprehend right now, as you haven’t gotten a proper answer that makes sense to you deep inside. Megzz shows us how she is feeling on the R&B flavored single called ‘Tell Me Why‘.

You were always the one to call first and this hurts the most. Was it all a totally waste of time or were you meant to learn this lesson in order to know your true worth?

With a powerful voice that is so easy on the ear, you are swept into deep thought here and wondering about past relationships. A beat that captures your imagination is eerily present and you can feel a special singer here. Her honest lyrics are captivating and real, each word has been written from a real experience that needs to time heal. Love conquers all they say but right now you are too sad to think clearly.

This is a high standard here and one of the finest R&B indie tracks around. A crystal clear voice that is held back just right, the sorrow sweeps you off your feet and you want to hug a friend right now to feel better.

Megzz has that extra bit of class that she was born with and ‘Tell Me Why‘ is quite excellent. They promised to stay but lied, this is a singer that is indeed here to stay- in our hearts forever.

Hear this heartbreaking single here on her Spotify and show support on Facebook for news on shows and upcoming releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Always” is the fantastic debut single from producer-singer Culta Cobra

Without you I can’t breathe. Sometimes you meet the one and just know that this is right. However life throws a few spanners in the works and it’s not meant to be. You vow to always look out for them anyway as you love them no matter what. This is the ultimate sacrifice in love and can hold you back from truly loving someone else as much.

Always” is Culta Cobra’s debut single transitioning from an instrumental synth-wave producer to an indie-pop singer-songwriter. He has blown me away with this superb gem that transforms this young artist onto another level in the music game. To change genres is very tough at the best of times but he has somehow made this look easy.

This is a quality indie-pop song and Culta Cobra gets top marks from changing genres and for making it sound like he has been doing this for years.

Head through to Mr Cobra’s Soundcloud for this debut tune and to hear his past efforts.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Joel Bernstein & Oscar spread love with pop song release ”Just the Way You Are”

You know they will stay the same no matter what. Your love goes so deep and it won’t go away in your heart. In your mind this is the ideal partner and things can’t get better than this.

This is a new song from Joel Bernstein & Oscar called ”Just the Way You Are” and it’s a chilled ride of love throughout. The world watches on as these two delve into a love story and want to be together with their dream partners. The vocals are strong and the background is very romantic. You get the feeling that true love will eventually come even if now might not be the right time.

A sold effort from Joel Bernstein & Oscar here and these two singers impress well on ”Just the Way You Are”. This is a love song from the get go and many candles will be burnt after listening to this. R&B comes easy to these two and it will be interesting to see how these two singers mature over time.

Stream this new music right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jaz & Fetty roll through with R&B love story in ”Bestie/They Know”

Released through Bowtie King Productions, this is the story of how things can change quickly in one year of meeting someone special. You have to work so hard to keep the spark lit up high. Time can change everything and this is a message that things can work and they are so blessed to have that special one right besides them. Other friends might not understand but they don’t care. If it’s right then its alright in their eyes. Real friends will understand.

Jaz & Fetty are two R&B singers from the US and they make a strong team. These two youngsters show promise with ”Bestie/They Know”. These two have good voices and will surely make a big dent in the New Haven music scene. They show such maturity with their tone and with more experience they have a huge future.

These two R&B singers are only 19 so it will be fun to see how they develop and if they can get that big breakout hit to land them on the major labels radar.

Head through to YouTube so see this video and more releases. Jaz & Fetty are two names to watch in the R&B music world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen