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Losing You

Jessica Gelinas wonders if this is all worth it with her excellent new single ‘Losing You’

With a captivating intro that sets the mood just right, Jessica Gelinas is quite wonderfully honest and vocally stunning with her latest release which will pull your heartstrings and is called, ‘Losing You‘.

Jessica Gelinas is a Montreal, Canada-born indie-pop solo artist and classically trained pianist who is of French and Taiwanese heritage and studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

As an honor student with an impressive double major in Music Production and Engineering, as well as Songwriting, it’s easy to hear that we are listening to a world-class artist who strives each day to reach her goals and never gives up no matter what the challenges presented.

Her upbringing in a multicultural environment allowed her to learn to speak in three languages fluently: French, Mandarin Chinese and English, naturally that drove her to start singing in all three languages as well.” ~ Jessica Gelinas

With a memorable style that has you turning up the volume so that you can hear each word perfectly, Jessica Gelinas is one of the classiest musicians in the world and shows us why she is so highly regarded with a quite exquisite performance on ‘Losing You‘.

On the side, she also writes English lyrics for Chinese artists and has featured backing vocals on Taiwanese singer: Ponzii’s debut album.” ~ Jessica Gelinas

Losing You‘ from the multi-talented NYC-based indie-pop artist Jessica Gelinas is a reflective gem of the highest quality imaginable. She leads us into her mind that wants that small house by the sea but has the nagging thought that perhaps this is not the road that she should be going down – as she brings the world a truly excellent single – that will have you gazing outside to work out what your next move is.

Sometimes love can be so hard that you start to doubt the connection, even if when you are together everything seems so right. Trusting your all-knowing gut is the only constant you can ever truly turn to after all.

Listen in to this superb new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen