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Loser/Lover LP

Loving You So Long: Tyrone Bradley stays on track with Don’t Want You Back

Taken from his latest 7-track Loser/Lover LP, Tyrone Bradley opens up about the time he thought the love would be strong forever on the raw new single Don’t Want You Back.

Tyrone Bradley is a Seattle-based and Lynx Records powered hip hop artist who spits hard bars to feel better with on each of his tracks.

After dealing with so much fakeness and unnecessary pain recently, Tyrone Bradley leads himself away from a reoccurrence and walks away for good. Showered in distance and a need to break the toxic relationship before the venom reaches the soul, we are treated to a hungry rapper who slices the past away rather impressively.

Don’t Want You Back from Seattle-based hip hop artist Tyrone Bradley is a passionate sizzler to turn up on max when it’s time to end something which is unhealthy long-term. Wrapped in so much electrifying lyrics and a speaker-breaking beat, this is an underground track for anyone who needs to move on to a new love.

Turn this up loud on Spotify. See more of the energy connect on the website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen