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Look At My Heart

Red Spade flows with his cards open on ‘Look at My Heart’ (Ft. Qwezzz)

Delaware, United States is the home of the young emcee Vince Wilson aka Red Spade. He returns with ‘Look at My Heart‘ (Ft. Qwezzz).

This musician likes to use his creativity to stand out. Molding his voice to be his biggest instrument he creates captivating melodies while still remaining true to his lyrical self. Being authentic and free to approach any sound and break any barrier is one of Red Spade’s biggest intentions. I like this mentality from the rapper as he is trying to be different and stay away from the norm.

After the success of 2018’s ‘Debut Season‘, this is a solid release from Red Spade. His lyrical skills seem to be improving after each song which is a sign on great things to come.

”Red Spade is a symbol of individualism, when you look into a deck of cards there is only one type of Spade and it is black, if you where to add a red spade to the deck it would be one of a kind. This is me saying I’m in my own lane as an artist and aspire to be known for my dedication to having my own legacy and building my own brand”.

With a mentality like this, you can see why this is an artist who knows what he is doing. ‘Look at My Heart‘ (Ft. Qwezzz) wins the day with a quality track full of freshness.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen