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Losing Touch: UK artist Olly E urges us to find our core human touch again with ‘Beyond This Reality’

As he opens up our thoughts to seeing a vibrant world that should be way more free, Olly E looks for something beyond meaningful, far away from what he sees now called ‘Beyond This Reality’.

Olly E is a focused indie alt-rock solo singer, guitarist, drummer and rapper from Leicestershire in England. He makes that caring music to help others who feel lost and afraid in this rather strange world. He performs with such care and intricate interwoven melodies, which touches your hungry palate just right.

”Seeking solace in songwriting, he aims to give hope through his music to those who feel lost or alone.” – Olly E

With a real message and a huge passion to help others who are feeling the same as he, you get a sense of warmth with a musician who sings with so much passion and brings such an important topic to the fore. He is a wildly talented artist and you feel like he will only improve over time — as his self-awareness grows and is able to travel with his music — to inspire crowds all over on a similar journey.

Beyond This Reality’ from the thoughtful Leicestershire alt-rock multi-talented artist Olly E, shows us a world that is losing touch and needs to find its conscious again before its too late and we all turn into roaming robots, that have lost our souls.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Melbourne’s Marshall Stannus steps up to new level with ”Euphoria”

Your heart is lonely all the time and it feels like you are stepping into quicksand all the time. You aren’t too sure what is wrong and can’t quite work it out. Your friends are not really there for you and you know you need new ones. The world feels like a blur and deep down you know that something needs to change. Otherwise you will constantly be in this bad state.

After reviewing ”Springbreakers” from Marshall Stannus recently I was delighted to hear the new track ”Euphoria” from this incredible talent. This Australian singer rips through with real lyrics and cutting edge beats. Marshall writes so well and from the heart. He touches on how he really feels and being lonely is such common theme unfortunately.

Euphoria” is a quality new song that certainly lives up to expectation. This is a top track from Marshall Stannus and he has a huge future. The Australian artist is slowly getting new fans and will surely hit the big time in 2021.

Check out his Facebook page for more info and news on live gigs.

Click here to the Soundcloud link now to hear this track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen