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SMXKE & DARKBOI’s New Release ‘B@ng’ #POUND

Setting the bar higher for the UK hip-hop scene.

Representing the East London hip-hop scene, #POUND quickly rose to local fame as one of the most interesting new rap acts to be on the lookout for. The group consists of SMXKE, MC DARKBOI as well as producer SUPAWAVE. The former two managed to collaborate together on a new, explosive single titled “B@ng”

One of the most exciting things about this song is that it is arguably the product of two artists who have a very different creative approach. Yet, in spite of their diverse attitude, these two brilliant performers are able to create an astonishing synergy, which truly highlights their talent and vision. On “B@ng”, the pair set out to bounce off each other’s ideas and come up with a song that is packed with amazing melodies and inspirational lyrics that really leave a mark. This song is actually the very first taste of the pair’s upcoming EP, which is currently scheduled for a 2018 release.

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Flare Voyant – Borders: Bohemian Melodies

Flare Voyant don’t wait around to immerse you into their latest track Borders. It starts without apology, without any introduction the feverous passion starts. There’s no prelude to the cacophony of screeching guitars and bass soaked rhythm that will greet you as the beat kicks in.

Perhaps one of my favourite elements to their latest track is the lyrics which are steeped in political resistance they don’t get lost in the mix, they grip you like a vice as a sobering commentary on the current UK culture. The trio hail from the heart of London, you can definitely taste the traces of their local influences in their burning and vibrant sound. Flare Voyant effortlessly offer their fans a taste of melodic punk rock infused soul which proves to be the ultimate transcendence track as you get swept away by the rhythm of the guitar right through to the track.

Borders is definitely not a song you can listen to just once; their music is full of unique promise and laddish charm seeping through their bohemian essence which is nothing but consistent through their first EP.

You can check out the full Flare Voyant EP on the Soundcloud link below:


Chris Wareham – Sting Me Down: Sound Stripped Bare

Chris Wareham has the ubiquitous sound of a bedroom artist. His latest track Sting Me Down illustrates the image of the pensive Acoustic Singer Song writer holed up in his North London residence.

The talented solo artist exposes his soul through his music, allowing his audience to hear him stripped naked by his lyrics that resonate through the soundwaves of his haunting voice, honest lyrics and deftly strummed guitar. It’s nice to hear an artist sticking to his humble acoustic roots and not striving to be yet another Ed Sheeran wannabe. He sings with playful humility that makes the minimalistic sound truly a pleasure to listen to. He lets his voice dominate the tracks, not hiding behind instrumentals or crass reverberation to bring his music to life. You can hear each and every lick of the string throughout the progression of the track.

Fans are already begging for an album from the talented musician, and I’ve joined the que behind his loyal following. He’s created waves in the underground musical Mecca for acoustic artists in London.

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Hannah Harper Whets Audiences Appetite

London based Hannah Harper seems to make music which wonderfully captures the city that she is based in. It is at once artistic and slick, pushes pop music into quirky, staccato dance realms, feels wonderfully urban, uptown, classy and shimmers with the pace and edgy energy of the city around her. At a time when pop music seems to have hit a formulaic, production line creative process, where most are content only to make music in the mould of what has already been successful, Hannah’s debut single marks a fascinating departure.

Already picked up by BBC movers and shakers, Appetite is the sound of things moving on, of barriers being pushed aside of new paths being beaten through previously unexplored territory. But the clever thing is that whilst offering something new, it isn’t too radical either. The beats and the structures are still familiar it is just the way they are put together is intriguing. It is, in fact, the best of both worlds, a new sound but one for which there is already a captive audience via popular radio and clubland playlists. It is safe to say that the evolution of pop music just took a very big stride forward.



Trailed by a captivating overall musical performance which was further adorned with a catchy electro-pop sound that leaves one twirling and swirling to its gracious vibe, Night Ride really proved that they are still belligerent, camera-ready and more focused to reach the zenith of their music career in their sojourn thus far. This duo is the next best thing to happen to the Electro-pop music industry.

No, this is not like the usual drudge we do take in with a hard pinch of salt, It only takes 3 seconds out 4 minutes total play time of this amazing song for you to be entrapped and unfurled into a forever porch light of beautiful reverie.

So out goes the pop-electro-rock hybrid; which in its place sits a broad EDM party mix that initially manifested itself as One Republic pastiche on a subtle tale of unrequited love and emotional trauma. It’s exactly when the beam of awesomely pitched melody and amazing sexy vocals entwines with the synth-pop vibe of this song that its power of transfixion sets in.

The accentuate music group; Night Ride, is an electronic pop duo embracing synth-pop and rock, and fusing it with theatre, fashion, technology and art which creates a comfort zone that feels genuine.

Night Ride band draws their inspiration on this song from the tale of their sexual experience and couple of situation-ships which isn’t really what you would likely notice at the first listen since the vibe would rather make you pay less attention to the lyrics of the song. This also further backed up the reason why their music influencers happen to be the likes The Weeknd, CHVRCHES, Grimes, GusGus, and Paramore.

As the first track to be released from their forthcoming E.P. ‘Neon Dreams’, Lay You Down gives a good insight of what to expect from the up and coming duo and I simply hope they’d surpass my imagination just like they did in this song when I eventually get my hands on their EP album when it’s released.

A north star in a psychedelic milky way is the overriding theme of Night Ride’s “Lay You Down”. Everything was more than I expected. Simply put, It was nothing short of class and quality.

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The Real Mr B Ft Xei Release “Devil’s Game” – The Perfect Blend Of Hip Hop And Soul

It’s not very common to find a song which features two distinctively different artists who manage to create just the right blend of stylistic elements into one track. “Devil’s Game” by The Real Mr B ft.Xei is an example of such a collaboration which works out so well. It is a rare discovery that not only delivers a strong message through the rap verses but also features sultry soulful adlibs and melodic phrases. With smooth female vocal harmonies in the background creating a vibe nostalgic of the Spooks’ “Karma Hotel” in combination with a chorus that is not only soulful and catchy but also melodically intriguing, Xei colourfully contrasts the rap verses with her authentic vocal tone and melodies

The song starts off with the catchy melodic chorus but a short instance later the rap verse comes in and grasps the listener’s attention even further. With a strong flow that is not lacking in expression, the delivery of these verses is on point and relatable to a lot of people who experienced being the underdog during particular life experiences. Apart from simply speaking about struggles the song also carries a very important and thought provoking message. “Someones God is another ones Devil” Emphasising this statement is also the second half of the song which features nothing but Xei’s sultry improvisational phrases, highlighting her unique vocal timbre while also providing a perfect contrast and balance with The Real Mr B’s rap verses.These two distinctive artists truly come together to form a Jin-Jang balance in music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Designated Drivers Bhagboyz – Crash The Audi

Crash The Audi ties a relentless and ruthless rap salvo to a mid-paced drive built of skittering percussion, pulsing back beats and clever electronic weaves to build a track which bristles with energy without resorting to flooding the track with tricks and gimmickry. And that is the art of it, capturing the energy of the idea and the live performance via the studio process, an art that this Queens trio seem to have nailed down.

And it is the balance of pumping underground cool and far reaching commercial potential which is their greatest asset, chart accessible yet cultish enough for those who like to act as the movers and shakers and stay ahead of the curve, mass appeal yet walking with a select minority, that’s the real trick. And if that is the case then Bhagboyz have things sown up.


London-based Trio Distant Bonds Release Alternative Rock Track “Defender”

London-based trio Distant Bonds brings forth something so different and original with their single “Defender.”  Amazing, acceptable, adequate, satisfactory, catchy, and classic are just a few adjectives used to describe the song as a whole. Aside from their tailor made catchy hooks, and awesome instrumentation, the group as a whole presents an awesome dynamic. Their vocal presence is unique, and each voice blends perfects with the other. What intrigued me the most about this band is there inept ability to tell a unique story.

“Defender,” is a well written musical masterpiece. The track is a subdued tale of a hero, who is also simply human flaws and all. I love the play on words, the lyrical intensity and the vocal arrangements. The song hits a few climatic moments which really bring the piece together. Overall, beautiful sentiment of good versus evil, done via the soundtrack of an amazing band.


London Taylor’s “Kind Of Love,” Is Something Special!

London Taylor’s energy on the track, “Kind of Love,” is simply put amazing! The track is almost anthem like, it’s a passionately driven emotionally realized pop classic. In listening to London it’s easy to tell she’s in tune with her head and her heart; she has an extraordinary voice, and she exemplifies it in every word she utters on the track. The song is such a statement of strength and energy over a pulsing drum cadence, simplistic piano, nice synth, and some smooth guitars.

London might just be providing a template for how innovative pop music should be done. The vocals are layered, the instrumentation is smooth and her sound is more than millennial its influential. This track is a canvas of musical amazement produced and written very well. Solid track solidifying London’s place in the pop music world.


Relationship therapy and great grooves courtesy of HunnyB

Even though HunnyB’s latest single comes from her own personal experience, it is still wonderfully relevant and totally relatable, describing as it does the endless spirals and running around in circles of a relationship which is not working out. We have all been there, it is part of growing up, part of the human experience, part of life. And whilst normally we would seek solace in our friends or family, Round and Round is nothing short of a session of relationship therapy set to music.

A slick and vibrant piece of R&B, it is built on sassy grooves and modern dance floor chic whilst offering a shoulder to cry on. Joe Budden is the balancing male vocal in this duet, kicking things off nicely but this is Hunny’s moment to tell it like it is and she does so with confidence and defiance. It is always great when you come across such a stylish soulful-pop song but the fact that if you are indeed going through a tough time in a relationship, Round and Round reminds you that you are not alone and hopefully offers you the strength and comfort you need to work things out.