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MiGoFromMD has released his raw confessional Lo-Fi trap single, ‘Mental’ (Prod. Nono x Ele x Lufye)

US trap artist MiGoFromMD has been a prolific artist since making his debut earlier in 2021. With his standout single, Mental, he created a relatable manic track that reflects the insecurities that can stem from the self-awareness of our mental flaws.

His refreshingly honest lyrics cut right down to the bone while you listen to the lo-fi trap mix, prod. Nono x Ele x Lufye, run through. With a chorus of “I’m fucked and I’m mental, don’t know if I trust you” flowing with the indie trap beats that will be a hit with Tyler, the Creator, Mac Miller and Juice WRLD, there’s plenty of potential in MiGoFromMD’s raw and confessionally unique sound.

You can check out Mental for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bozaay – When I’m Gone: Candidly Resonant Melodic Hip Hop

If there’s any Hip Hop artist worth putting on your radar in 2020, it’s Bozaay. With their latest soul-steeped downtempo hit When I’m Gone the candidly resonant lyrics effortlessly draw you into the intensely emotive track.

If you find truly honest feats of Hip Hop as refreshing as I do, you’ll be bowled over by the sincerity contained in When I’m Gone.

The melodies in the Lo-Fi Trap hit may have been kept light, but the weight of the emotion certainly hasn’t. The short and bitter-sweet hit runs through Bozaay’s introspective when it comes to post-humorous status giving you a stark reminder of your own mortality. But despite the melancholy which has been thrown into the mix, the vibrancy of the notes offer nuances of optimism and resilience.

You can check out Bozaay’s single When I’m Gone which was released on March 24th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast