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Livi Dillon

LA alt-pop artist Livi Dillon grabs her soul back with fantastic ”Who Gave You the Right”

You meet someone and you like them so much and things are good for a while. Then you dig deeper and see so much more. You then realize that are you are in fact with a real dead soul. Someone that is manipulative and they aren’t good for you at all. This changes you and need to find yourself again. A life-long lesson is learnt and you slowly start to dig out of the deep hole and start to see the light again.

Singer, producer and kick-ass artist. This is Livi Dillon. She is here with the brilliantly made ”Who Gave You the Right”. This song is for anyone that has been in a tough relationship with a cold person that showed their true colors to you and you did something about it. This is a top song and Livi is going from strength to strength in her career with consistently good releases for her fans.

Livi Dillon has a new fan right here and I like her music style. Her music is different and she is so honest with her lyrics that I relate to on ”Who Gave You the Right”. I’m glad that she got out of this unhealthy relationship and is now stronger after realizing it was all wrong for her soul.

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Review by Llewelyn Screen