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Chasing Shadows: October Brigade look above for inspiration on ‘Better Angels’ (feat. Liel Bar-Z)

As they look desperately for a way back from the dark thoughts of sadness, October Brigade return to courageously look for their hero on the stunning new single ‘Better Angels(feat. Liel Bar-Z).

October Brigade is an experienced Chicago duo featuring Eric McLear and Jerome Cunningham. They make that funky techno emotional music which has your body wrapped in healing energy, as you look to step over the rocky road and find safe ground again.

This is the story about heartbreak and the struggle to climb over the mountain and to return to your peace again. You have dealt with so much pain and just want to happy inside your heart. The time to be alone is tiring and there are so many thoughts in your mind — memories to be forgotten — as you shovel the cold snow away from your mind for good.

The electronic production is a stunning escape from it all, as her excellent vocals shine over like warm sun after a cold day, the heat keeps you motivated and looking beyond the cloudy hill of before.

Better Angels’ (feat. Liel Bar-Z) from Chicago electronic duo October Brigade, is a top single that has you in awe, as the sad undertone really connects with you heart as the past pain comes to light again. This is a song for anyone who is looking for a way out of the locked door they have created for themselves — as you break it down to see better days again — with a clear head of motivation to overcome it all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see the IG for more music release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

October Brigade ft Liel Bar-Z brings our new indie-pop spellbinder ‘No Tears for Tomorrow’

October Brigade ft Liel Bar-Z brings our new indie-pop spellbinder ‘No Tears for Tomorrow‘ and this is a quality listen for our souls.

With prolific Liel Bar-Z from Los Angeles on vocals, October Brigade are a well-respected Music Production & Songwriting Team featuring vocalists from around the world. They have made a great decision in having Liel on vocals as with their signature sound, this is a great listen from start until finish.

No Tears for Tomorrow‘ is about the sad times that have befallen us and how youngsters have to grow up so fast these days. Hopefully the world can be set free again so that all of us can be outside again, feeling free and not avoiding humans. This is a call out to find others that feel the same and can create happy vibes without judgement.

October Brigade and Liel Bar-Z combine like a perfectly cooked dinner and the steamy warm feeling is heard throughout. This is a song to play on the weekend when you are feeling reflective and the quality is effortless. All-round a fine single release in 2020.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Seattle singer Christian Schormann brushes our tired hearts with peaceful Paint a Flower in the Sky (feat. Liel Bar-Z)

Christian Schormann returns with his new song that adds a bit of beauty and is called ‘Paint a Flower in the Sky (feat. Liel Bar-Z).

Christian Schormann lives in Seattle in the USA, after growing up in Germany and passing through the eternal spring of the Canary Islands, the cold winters of Montreal and the beautiful weirdness of San Francisco. This is an experienced and well-traveled singer-songwriter who loves to write indie-pop and instrumental music. His style ranges from pop to minimalist-inspired music and this is a single who keeps things very chilled.

Paint a Flower in the Sky (feat. Liel Bar-Z) is a very peaceful song that has a mellow indie vibe that has good energy. This is all about a warm and welcoming vibe, set with the clear blue skies and cute vocals from the talented Liel. This is one of the more happy songs of the year during the global pandemic.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen