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Auckland’s Levi Lights On Project ticks all the boxes with peaceful single ‘’Live To Be’’

“I’ve come to give back to you what belongs to you; though no one looks for it.”

This new but popular New Zealand act is making waves in the tiny rugby-mad country. Despite still being upset about being knocked out by England in the World Cup recently, ‘Levi Lights On Project’ warms up the nation with a beautiful pop ballad here that is one for the whole family. It’s all about living for a purpose and this is a theme that is needed right now during a time of uncertainty.

Samoan born and raised, Michael Levin Sesega (Levi) is the musical architect and songwriter for the fantastic ‘Lights On Project’. With a big fanbase in Samoa and New Zealand, the band are looking for more International listeners to get their message global.

Catch more from this Kiwi band here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen