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I Remember: Kentucky’s Levi Cadle sadly knows they have been gone for years on ‘Ghost’

Powered once again by Bentley Records, Levi Cadle is at his absolute best about a loved soul who is sadly not there anymore on the latest single called ‘Ghost‘.

Kentucky, USA-based guitarist, indie Alt-RnB/Soul singer-songwriter, former band member of a plethora of local bands and music wizard Levi Cadle, is an expressive artist who likes to put his whole heart into everything he drops.

Through high school and beyond, Levi has played in full bands, trios, in a duo, and as a solo artist, taking full advantage of any chance to learn and apply that knowledge to his own musical understanding of himself.” ~ Levi Cadle

This is the sad story about missing someone so much, as you were so close once. Unfortunately they have since vanished, but you will never forget about them as the memory is still so vivid. You feel his pain soak all over this tear-raising effort, that has you wondering about those who are sadly now lost to time.

Ghost‘ from the multi-talented Kentucky-based indie Alt RnB/Soul artist Levi Cadle, shows us a man who recalls that unique person who he thought would be there forever. The love will always entrenched into his soul, as he sings with a raw emotion that is quite sensationally projected by a truly outstanding artist.

Hear this fab new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing things the right way: Levi Cadle heats up that special soul food on ‘How We Like It’

Powered by Bentley Records,¬†Levi Cadle grooves his way into our lives with a memorable performance to remember, on the funky-driven new single ‘How We Like It‘.

Kentucky, USA-based guitarist, singer-songwriter, former band member of various local acts and sincere music scholar Levi Cadle, expertly mixes blues, funk and smooth soul vibes inside your whole body, to get your feet tapping and your blood flow back to normal again. After being bitten by the music when he was just thirteen years old, instead of using the mosquito spray, he instead jumped straight into the music nest and is happier for the spiritually enhancing experience.

This the funky story of doing things the right way in life, as you know this is the proper formula to follow to reach inner happiness. There might be other tempting shortcuts around but you and your team know that the correct path, will lead you to the end goal with smiles on your cheerful faces.

With a soulfully pure voice that sends your heart into a state of delightful bliss, we are treated to a studied musician who has performed in many duos, trios, bands and for other artists, but now it feels like he is thoroughly enjoying this electric carpet solo ride. With so much more freedom to create, he is only getting better and better like that tasty fine wine.

How We Like It‘ from Kentucky’s indie-soul groove mover Levi Cadle, is the type of song you put on and feel instantly better for the time you spent listening. He has that inner self-awareness to read his audience and know that they need healing, in this time of unrest in our world.

Doing things your way can work out long-term, if its the authentic and right way of doing things. This feels like one of those times where a self-aware musician has that special sauce stored inside, that fills our stomachs and souls with that old school quality- that this planet needs more of.

Hear this fantastic music wonderland on Spotify and see his laid-back vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen