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Australian Electronica wizard The Time Meddler keeps it psychedelic on Letting Go

Inside a 6-minute experience that might change your day’s trajectory, The Time Meddler is rather eerily impressive on a scorching hot soundtrack to those who need to be Letting Go.

The Time Meddler aka Timothy Poulton aka Timothy and the Apocalypse is a much-respected Sydney, Australia-based electronica music producer who makes the highest quality imaginable.

Known for his diverse cinematic music that fuses fluid trip-hop, cut with influences ranging from Jazz to Drum and Bass, he is constantly working on mastering his musical craft and elevating his sound while continuing to explore new tools, sounds, and collaborating with artists.” ~ The Time Meddler

After stunning us like an electric bolt of lightning when you needed it most with On the Run, The Time Meddler returns like a hero in the night with another outstanding single. Sizzling sweetly in that barbecue sauce and marinading like a pro chef in prime form, this is a reminder that we are witnessing something rather spectacular.

Letting Go from the brilliant Australian electronica music producer The Time Meddler is a pulsating track that slows down rather suddenly, to take you into a while new time and place. Silky in nature and thrillingly stimulating to all the right places, this might be that track that reminds us all of starting fresh again after so much darkness.

Humming in class and enthralling all senses, you shall find your speakers smiling tonight before bedtime.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen