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See It In Your Eyes: Chicago rock artist Alex Thorn brings the epic 80’s back on ‘Let Me In’

With his long hair flowing into the wind as he looks deep into those sad eyes, Alex Thorn knows that he has something to offer to help soothe that pain away forever on ‘Let Me In‘.

Alex Thorn is a Chicago, Illinois-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter who performs with that old school edge and has our speakers rattling in impressive unison on each one of his creations.

Starting in his early days as an aspiring musician, opportunity led him into the music industry as he played for bands such as Eroz, The Cause, Dangerous Hope, Hidden Truth, and Evolution.” ~ Alex Thorn

Sending us a riff-packed sensational release that will rattle into your ears as you remember trying to be with someone who has so much rigid pain lodged into their hurt soul, Alex Thorn sends us a helpful reminder that it is possible to heal others through quality music.

Let Me In‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter Alex Thorn, is a robust single made by someone who truly seems to respect the past and aims to keep this classic genre burning brightly like a campfire in winter. His vocal projection has you in awe of his range and there is much to be enamoured by here on this new pumped-up single. With a story that will resonate with so many, this is a highly worthwhile listen for all those hardcore rock fans out there.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen