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Wonderful Welsh artist Mared thought she would be in their arms forever on ‘Let Me Go’

As she expected they would be so close and with their loved-up souls woven tight just like she imagined in her dreams, Mared shows us into a world where she was comprehensively let down by someone who was supposed to be around eternally on ‘Let Me Go‘.

Mared is a gracious North Wales-born, London, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who is currently performing in the West End’s longest-running musical, Les Miserables.

Produced and co-written by fellow-Welshie, Nate Williams, the upcoming EP is influenced by the likes of Emily King, Lianne La Havas and Eloise.” ~ Mared

With a contemplative single that will have you shivering from that unwanted feeling of being let down in the cold climates you desired to avoid, Mared is quite wonderful on a single that will have you looking deep within yourself. She has a rare ability to catch your attention with something so well-performed, from a mesmerising artist who hasn’t even reached the peak of her powers yet.

Let Me Go‘ from the excellent Welsh indie-pop artist Mared, is the type of song that will put you in one of those reflective moods that might have you in a distant world for a while. Her vocals are simply gorgeous and the well-written lyrics fly gracefully from her lips, as we are blessed with an elegant single from a mightily talented soul who opens up the door to a memory that so many of us can relate to.

Hear this graceful single on Spotify and see more news via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding Peace Within: NYC’s Sadbxylee courageously shows us into his healing mind on ‘Let Me Go’ (feat. Michelle Dawning)

With a sensationally creative mind flowing through his veins, Sadbxylee gives us an intimate story of how powerful the mind can be, with his excellent fourth single release called ‘Let Me Go‘ (feat. Michelle Dawning).

SadBxyLee is an inspirational Long-Island, New York City-based audio engineer/producer who makes sad lofi hip-hop songs for those who are dealing with drug abuse, mental illnesses and tough times in their lives. He has risen upwards through the dark clouds inside his head from previous experiences to assist others just like him, who need a caring voice to show them where the light is.

Made from his cozy basement in NYC, you feel his thoughtful energies emanate through the vocals, as the lyrics are hard to hear at first, as soon we are flown into the story of wanting to be left alone. Your mind races quicker than a F1 car, you feel like this is a calling out for help as those long cold nights can cause you to overthink and take remedies that aren’t really meant to help at all.

Let Me Go‘ (feat. Michelle Dawning) from the superb New York-based lofi hip-hop artist Sadbxylee, is a real story that sends shivers down your spine. He packages a song together that has a bow of enlightenment for those that have never dealt with that painful feeling of resentment inside their deepest blood flow.

This is that song to lead you in and teach you to try and help those that might not want assistance, but are calling out in silence. Love and care no matter how simple, always needs to win throughout all sadness, no matter what else is going on in the world.

Stream this incredible track on Spotify and see his story develop on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen