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Bennetti moves on from the past as he reaches for those obtainable goals with ‘Let It Go’ (feat. Tiffany Trueblood)

After taking a 20 year hiatus to reconstruct his life, Bennetti remembers the past as he focuses on making sure that he sees his next birthday away from war-filled streets with ‘Let It Go(feat. Tiffany Trueblood).

Shawn Ben’Netti aka Bennetti is a San Francisco, California-based indie Hip hop artist who, after first breaking into the scene in 1992 with rap crew Down N’ Dirty Hustlas, returns with a new project.

Impressing with his lyrical quality and a powerful aura that has you feeling like you are listening to a real storyteller, Bennetti shows us his progression and drops one of the most thoughtful tracks of 2022.

Let It Go(feat. Tiffany Trueblood) from San Francisco, California-based indie Hip hop artist Bennetti is one of those tracks that has your mind moving back to your past. After dealing with what the streets had in store, he moved up to a different level that set him free from the treacherous alleys that can steal your shine.

With a calming lyrical delivery that has you sensing that you are listening to a respected force, this is a single that shall show you it’s possible to develop and not let your past dictate your future.

Listen up to this new release on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Slow Down: Texas emcee B Tha One shows us how to ‘Let It Go’

Taken off B Tha One’s debut ten-track hip hop album called ‘Two Sides to My Story‘, ‘Let It Go‘ sees him eagerly shedding off that last remaining self-doubt to fully flourish and be at one with himself in the world, with an entertaining effort of top quality.

B Tha One is a talented Austin, Texas indie rapper who imperviously flows with a consciously enlightened style that captures the real picture of life, with no unnecessary flash or fake energy in sight.

This is the story about hurting hard from being back-stabbed and lied to, it stings hard like a bee’s furious bite at first, however over time you heal up and learn to grow that vital thick skin, that is absolutely impenetrable.

He raps with a true sense of what is going on in reality and sweeps your mind into another place, the stories of avoiding temptation in this easy-to-lose-it type of world shows you the way forward, as you build a metal fort around your own demons, so that they never escape again.

Let It Go‘ from the B Tha One, is that call to take time to search for yourself, as you replenish your soul after much stress and dealing with undesirable drama. His haunting flow washes all over your bodies hard-to-reach toxins, as he brings us a track to feel a bit sad and inspired with.

Stream this powerfully portrayed single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Life is better with the right mindset: Scottish DJ Cherry Joy drops an absolute dance gem on ‘Let It Go’

Cherry Joy is ready for whatever comes her way on the bass heavy gem via dance/edm track called  ‘Let It Go‘.

Cherry Joy is a supremely talented and self-motivated female singer-songwriter and radio DJ based in Edinburgh, Scotland. After dealing with being made redundant due to this horrific pandemic recently, she is a role model to us all by pushing hard to find new work, while also putting in 100% to get her long-awaited music career off the ground.

This is what she absolutely loves and feels this deep inside her soul. After studying music after school, she got into the normal work way of life and left music behind until 2018. Then, deep inside she felt the urge to get back into it and slowly but surely, the hunger and fire has built up to a stage where it feels like she truly believes in herself and this is her time.

Her stunning vocals grab your heart and take you for an exuberant ride. The real lyrics are a pleasure to hear as this is authentic dance music that is so rare in this genre. The obvious honesty and consistently excellent beat gets you into a happy but thoughtful groove; as you turn your lights off and all self-doubt away from anywhere close to you.

There is so much to love here and when clubs and festivals come back from the darkness, they need to book a DJ of this calibre to kick the crowd up to top gear and get them dancing all night to this.

Life is about just going for it and not worrying about material things. Scottish DJ/singer-songwriter Cherry Joy shows so much self-awareness on the top quality ‘Let It Go‘ and you can see why this is her favourite release so far.

The scary part is that she is only getting warmed up. This outstanding musician has the inner motivation and nothing can stop her doing what she loves.

Hear this top dance track that will uplift you on Spotify and see her incredible journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen