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Don’t Cry For Me: Houston’s Eric Ashley does the best he can on ‘Leslie Anne’

Unleashed from his recent 10-track album ‘So Much For So Much More‘, Eric Ashley sings with earnest love about that relationship that just couldn’t work on ‘Leslie Anne‘.

Eric Ashley is a Houston, Texas-based indie rock/pop solo artist and multi-instrumentalist who is completely enchanted by the whole creation process that he willingly wraps himself into each day.

So many artists have gone country, hip hop and metal that I feel like the pulse of catchy rock music is getting weaker by the day. These kinds of infectious melodies over interesting chord progressions are my musical DNA.” ~ Eric Ashley

Sung with a decisive style and featuring thoughtful lyrics, Eric Ashley is quite mesmerizing on this latest single from an artist who has taken charge of his own destiny. He performs with the wind at his sails like a confident sailor of the seas and takes our minds into this romantic story that was more complicated than first presumed.

Leslie Anne‘ from the Houston, Texas-based indie rock/pop solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Eric Ashley, is a touching single that is loaded with silky vocals and a catchy ambience that will have you bobbing your head and feeling the energy attached. This is a pertinent story that will have you examine deeper within yourself, as you finally say goodbye to that person who you truly cared for but couldn’t be with.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen