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Hold Up: Gregory O Screen guides us into ‘The Steppers Club Suite 3- Steppers Party Mix’ (feat. LeSauce)

Bringing us volume three of this catchy track that will have your body grooving to the tune, Gregory O Screen drops more exciting music for us to get excited about on ‘The Steppers Club Suite 3- Steppers Party Mix(feat. LeSauce).

Gregory O Screen is an experienced Illinois-based indie artist who makes that crisp old school feeling-to-the-soul hip hop that brings you back to the good days.

The Stepper’s Club Suites is three songs, that were originally composed to be an individual instrumental. The original was composed approximately 7 years ago, and shelved for other reasons at that time. Once time permitted, Greg dusted of the original track, and took it to local Music Producer Joseph Wright Jr. at JoRon 2000 Studios, in Midlothian, Illinois.” ~ Gregory O Screen

This is a six-minute fade up all the way with the volume high type of experience, that is all about that all-night sensual journey to keep you into the groove away from the bad moods. You feel like you have just stepped back into a peaceful place, as there is a mellow energy here which has to surely get your feet tapping.

The Steppers Club Suite 3- Steppers Party Mix(feat. LeSauce) from Illinois-based Gregory O Screen, shows us into a party that is full of a welcome that grips your attention. With a soulful ambiance which has you feeling so good again, you feel like you are inside the club and enjoying the ride all night long. Featuring lots of soulful singing and drinks to keep you refreshed, this is a track to dive into the whole evening.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen