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Le’Ridge Stereo

Le’Ridge Stereo has released their inspiring folk-pop debut with ‘Another Sun’

Le'Ridge Stereo

New Jersey-residing instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Le’Ridge Stereo’s debut single, Another Sun, was created to instil optimism in a time of collective despair; it is pure tonal bliss.

An arcanely soulful air breathes between the folk-pop instrumentals and the richly layered harmonies that will allow you to imagine what ABBA would sound like if they veered into the realms of New Age Folk. The track possesses gentle yet extremely powerful instrumental hooks that pull you into the heart of the inspiringly serene single that extends compassion to anyone whose loneliness and anxiety amplified during the pandemic.

The lyrics strip the shame out of the acknowledgement that we are fallible humans with a proclivity towards painful empathy and melancholy before shifting negative perceptions to brighter ones. We have only good things to say about this stunning collaboration between Le’Ridge Stereo, Rebecca & Diwas Gurung.

Another Sun will officially release on August 6th; check it out via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast