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Leo breaks through the heartbreak in his indie-soul single, Helicopter Leaves

If you like your RnB fed through plenty of wobbly tape echo delay, the up and coming artist Leo’s latest single, Helicopter Leaves, is exactly the kind of hazy indie RnB pop catharsis you want to delve into. In sentiment, Helicopter Leaves is a bitter-sweet release that explores the memories and emotions shared with an ex, but Leo never bows to the melancholy; he keeps the tone as bright as his infectious optimism.

It was a bold move to try and make it with Leo as a mononym, but based on Helicopter Leaves, he has the right amount of talent and soulful warmth to do exactly that. If anyone is this generation’s answer to Jack Johnson, it is the 24-year old Massachusetts-hailing singer-songwriter that entrenches his work in his deep spirituality and determination to connect the dots that nature leaves creatives to play with.

Helicopter Leaves is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Leo Pride – Hide: R&B Reincarnated

Soul R&B artist & music producer Leö Pride has just released his first ever track Hide, if you’re not offended by the use of autotune, it’s definitely worth checking out. Whether it be beginners luck or Pride’s inexplicable talent that made this track an utter delight to listen to, one things for sure, after the tracks initial release earlier this month it’s gone down as an international storm.

What I like about the hit, is that it’s contemporary it doesn’t bow to the tired old rules of Soul and R&B, artists such as Leö Pride have the talent to reinvent the genre and interest more fans within it’s melodic but hyped sound. The production over the vocals is a little excessive for my liking, however no one can deny that the production quality is flawless. It’s packed with breakbeats to mix up the almost melancholic lyrics that Leö Pride puts out. It’s easy to see the influence of his musical idols such as Chris Brown in the universal sound which he creates.

Catch Leö’s debut track on the SoundCloud link below available for FREE download. Who doesn’t love free music?

Keep up with Leö on his musical ventures on his social media links below: