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Leo Jr

Leo Jr Forges New Rap Paths

I guess the question that this short collection of music asks us is this….where next for the seemingly tried and tested format of contemporary rap? And without deviating too far from the recognisable traits of the genres contemporary and commercial pastures…smooth, beat driven soulful melodies…Leo Jr. still manages to find some interesting new places to explore.

And whilst Down Under clearly has one foot planted in the traditions of rap music, right down to the defensive lyrical stance and the confident, scatter gun vocal deliveries, it is where he places his other foot that moves the genre forward. R&B grooves are also prevalent and there is enough pop sensibility that the song walks a fine line between edginess and mass appeal.

One of the aspects of our non-tribal, post-genre musical world, is that as the various barriers have been kicked down, as rules and traditions have been abandoned, the more commercial has been allowed to merge with the underground, or more importantly a whole generation of musician has grown up not even knowing that those restrictions even existed. This is their time, this is their music.