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Room Starting Spinning: Brighton’s Leo Aram-Downs reflects on his true love with the excellent ‘White Noise’

After growing tired of being boxed up as merely a normal instrumentalist in the unfulfilling session music world, Leo Aram-Downs breaks free and shows us his dazzling skills on his new single called ‘White Noise‘.

Leo Aram-Downs is a supremely patient guitarist, singer-songwriter and transcriber, who was born in busy London and is now living a peaceful life in happy Brighton in England.

After recently blessing our cold ears with the warm ‘A Life Abbreviated‘ recently, he returns with another top class effort from this productive artist, who never seems to rest.

My music comes from a unique blend of influences ranging from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to jazz to tech metal, and everything in between.”- Leo Aram-Downs

This soundtrack is absolutely wonderfully creative, with so many fascinating layers inter-webbed inside and deserves to be in a movie or the main song to a series. The intricate intro sets the mood as the foggy midst clears and we are introduced to a skillful musician, who’s vocals are simply lovely on the ear and soothes the soul.

White Noise‘ from the talented Brighton singer-songwriter Leo Aram-Downs, shows us into a man’s mindset who misses that true love tremendously. He knows that he has made so many mistakes but believes that they will open the door when he arrives, so that they both may hug tenderly and never let go of each other again.

True soulmates are meant to be together after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Exercise Restraint: Leo Aram-Downs shows us the way to true peace on ‘A Life Abbreviated’

As he sings with such class and leads us into a world that is so much better that what we currently see, Leo Aram-Downs is quite tremendous on his new single called ‘A Life Abbreviated‘.

Leo Aram-Downs is a prolific London-raised, Brighton-based indie singer-songwriter, transcriber and multi-instrumentalist, who makes that thoughtful music, which opens us your heart to that pure bliss that is so hard to find.

”My music comes from a unique blend of influences ranging from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to jazz to tech metal, and everything in between.”- Leo Aram-Downs

No matter what madness is going on in the world — with the once valued real connection of all, slowly fading away unless you are self-aware enough to truly see through what is real and what isn’t — the message here is that he is enough and he knows it. Finding that true love is the only thing that matters, away from the distracting noise that can consume you and lead you into the wrong direction.

He sings with such delight and meaning, each lyric is so poetic and carefully projected, as his mind is so alive with possibilities, instead of looking to the negative channels like so many.

A Life Abbreviated‘ from the Brighton-based singer-songwriter Leo Aram-Downs, is the journey to finding that light at the start of the day, your mind is ready to do whatever you need to do, no matter what it is. That self-enlightenment is so hard to find but when you do, each day is so much better inside your happy soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen