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Pop Singer-Songwriter Lence George Releases Newest Single ‘Coming Home’

Lance George immediately strikes for his unique personality. His recent music video for single, Coming Home, is almost like a short movie. The visuals are extremely professionals and Lence showcases his ability as an actor and performer, as well as his outstanding musical chops.

Lance’s vocals are extremely soothing and soft, yet powerful and energetic. Think of a blend between timeless soul singers such as Marvin Gaye or Seal, combined with a more modern twist. The minimalistic arrangement also really help the emotion of the song come through. The bright acoustic guitars are a particularly amazing addition to the song, because they complement Lence’s voice with melodies and rhythms. The sparse drum arrangement also helps the song keep moving, adding groove to the mix. The vocal harmonies are amazing as well, complementing the lead vocals beautifuly.

“Coming Home” is a very positive song, with lyrics such as “It is a new dawn, a new day for me to change my way”, sharing a beautiful message with the world.

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